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    Skill that reduces target's TPs

    Cool thanks @TWings . I'll also try to use yanfly's action sequence plugin as recommended by @Soulrender to see if it changes anything and will report back if it works.
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    Skill that reduces target's TPs

    Well, I was already using said Yanfly's plugins, but the second option is far simpler, and works perfectly well. I had tried it following the link I provided, but it didn't work because I had taken out the second part of the formula; it indeed doesn't work without this last part, making the game...
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    Skill that reduces target's TPs

    Hey there, I'm looking for a way to create a skill that would lower the target's TPs. I already found this on this forum but it requires javascripting skills I don't have... I also know there...
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    How t do: Automatic row adjustment for a character

    Cool, thanks for the tip! :-)
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    Turn off the skill animations

    Humm, I'd say you could use Yanfly' Action sequence extension plugins, but there's probably a far simpler solution.
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    How t do: Automatic row adjustment for a character

    @Aloe Guvner: Indeed it does. So I would have to create an event for each and every troop? I guess it's not that bad (let's praise the copy/paste function)... Many thanks. I'm still interested to hear about other solutions, though, if it might happen that other people have one. Edit: Tried it...
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    How t do: Automatic row adjustment for a character

    Hey there, I'm using Yangfly's Row Formation plugin (, with which I built a simple two rows system. Most characters I have in the party can be pushed towards the rear row or pulled towards the front row by enemies, or choose to make those moves by...
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    JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Is it a JavaScript related question, or simply one about etiquette? If it's a question about JavaScript, I don't understand it.
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    Terrax Lighting system

    I guess we'll just have to be careful, then. Still, I'm very enthusiastic about this!
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    Terrax Lighting system

    Gosh, that looks awesome! And if what is said on the plugin's thread is true, it is compatible with Terrax's! That mean I won't have to redo all over again what I have already done with Terrax. I haven't tested it yet, though, but I sure will. Edit: Thanks @bazrat !
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    Terrax Lighting system

    Unfortunately, Terrax has abandoned the development and support of his awesome plugin a long time ago and nobody seems to have taken the task were he left it... The fact that people are still using it and posting on the subject here is a sign there is definitely a need for some lighting features...
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    Switch Row skill?

    Sorry for the late answer. Yes it is. Here's mine (I wasn't the one who coded it, though): <Instant> <Cast Animation: 0> <Custom Target Row> if (target.row() === 1) { row = 2; } else if (target.row() === 2) { row = 1; } </Custom Target Row> <Cooldown: 1> "Instant" means it happens right away...
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    Problem with battlers' positioning using Yanfly's Row Formation plugin

    Hi there @boikish . I tried to play with the settings and tried different things, but most of the time, it didn't have any effect on the outcome. There's obviously something I don't get here, 'cause all those numbers must be there for some reason... Here is a screenshot of my settings...
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    JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Hi @boikish . <Select Conditions> is used with Yanfly's Target Core plugin (, which I use to make it so that actors on rear rows cannot attack (because I'm also using Yanflyy's Row Formation plugin...

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