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    Region Restricted Movement

    Thanks for the reply and for your help with RMVX!
  2. Anchovy

    3/4 View References?

    Thank you! I'll remember this forum.
  3. Anchovy

    Is it possible to protect your game from hackers?

    Sorry I can't help with encryption protection, but I would suggest legal protection as a backup. Copyright registration for video game and other digital media (USA)
  4. Anchovy

    3/4 View References?

    This whole 3/4 perspective is tripping me up. Does anyone know of any good resources for referencing 3/4 view animals? Something like Sim Park, but not isometric. I keep drawing frontal view sprites, and I know they're not going to mesh well with 3/4 view plants and buildings.
  5. Anchovy

    Nintendo Friend Code Exchange!

    @Anchovy - 5747-8587-0776 I tend to mostly play Splatoon 2.
  6. Anchovy

    What do you want to do in the next five years?

    Start a family. Get my small business profitable. Finish renovating my house. Publish something? (Might take longer than 5 years. Who knows.)
  7. Anchovy


    I totally clicked the wrong choice. Fat fingers on mobile. Edit: Ha ha, I was able to change it. Love coffee. And tea.
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    What's elements are most fun to draw?

    What's elements are most fun to draw? I'm looking forward to drawing all of these!
  9. Anchovy

    Gameisfun's Humble Art Thread

    Sounds about right. I don't even have a concept for a game yet; just know I want to fiddle with one. Sprites are looking good!
  10. Anchovy

    Different Region Access for Different NPCs

    @Silva I really can't thank you enough for taking the time to recreate this and break it down for me. I know I'll be referencing this repeatedly while experimenting with controlled random routes for my events throughout learning RMMV and JS. I'll let you know how I use this. Again, thanks a ton!
  11. Anchovy


    I'm in awe of the breadth of your work and use of color and texture.
  12. Anchovy

    Gameisfun's Humble Art Thread

    These are cool! Will be neat to see the corresponding sprites. Which portrait was the most fun to draw?
  13. Anchovy

    What did you study in high school/college?

    Graphic Design & Communications/Marketing I like saying things with pictures.
  14. Anchovy

    TUTORIAL: The Absolute Basics of Plugin Making

    Thank you. This is the most understandable js has been for me so far.
  15. Anchovy

    STUDY: Occupation study of members in the RPG Maker Community

    My background is in graphic design, communication marketing, and project management. I used to do a lot of print design, but currently I do video editing and web. I also have a screen printing side hustle I'm starting up as well as an annual infosec conference.

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