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  • I've seen so many ppl saying merry Christmas but no happy Chanukahs! So, happy Chanukah everybody! ^_^
    G-d bless, AngelK1tty! So you need help? With what? I'm an English major and an accomplished writer- perhaps I could be of assistance? I'd be honored to help someone who is both of my own religion and brave enough to make a post about it. This is G-d given- perhaps I was meant to help you.
    Oo! I already have a writer. I have two actually, but one is working mainly on worldbuilding instead of the plot, and the other is primarily a programmer. :0

    If you still have interest in writing for me, you are more than welcome to join the team! My story is far from complete, so help is nice ^_^
    If you need me, I would be happy to help- I have found your recruitment thread and am looking over your plot. It is very... very anime. Which is a good thing- it will appeal to a mass audience.

    Let us continue via PM lest this comment thread spread into a nightmarish hundred-comment Gourdian knot- I shall send you one in a moment.
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I sometime envy the people that haven't played Skyrim yet. I feel like I could trade the whole world to be able to make my first pilgrimage to High Hrothgar all over again
Come join us while we play Pocket Mirror by Astral Shift! :LZSjoy: Starting at 2PM ET today!
Tried changing profile icon but...It just felt weird, you know? Who would even want to talk to me if I didn't have this fat yellow rodent thing....Or whatever it is as a mascot....No one, that's who! I am nothing without it. NOTHING!!..
I am having such a good hair day but because it's thunderstorms all day I don't go out and as such nobody will see my hair >.< It's not often my hair cooperates!
Pretty much stopped posting in the progress thread cuz it feels like talking to the void, lol, so I've just been posting on IG instead. But someone finally liked my post there, lol. Dunno if I'll continue tho. Probably not xD

My game's progressing quite well. Just kinda stuck on mapping right now. Decided to go the side, slightly top down view route. I'm drawing everything from scratch for a personal touch uwu

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