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    QPlugins - Latest: QABS

    Does anyone know if we can have multiple move poses on a sprtie sheet config?
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    Diagonal MV Sprites! (Chibi + Tall + Tall Template)

    DUUUDE thank you for making this I was struggling so hard.
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    Free Horror Assets

    Thanks! Will use :DD
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    Real actor position

    Thank you!
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    Overlay change position when using a zoom command (yanfly doodas, orange overlay)

    Hi all! I'm sure that I'm not the only one with this problem But when ever I used a zoom command with either SRD_camera_core or MBS_MapZoom My layers changes position I wonder if there's a fix for that thanks in advance !
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    Real actor position

    I think its what I'm looking for as I'm trying to set player coordinate as conditional branch But I'm using pixel movement and I need pixel coordinates... I'm not exactly sure how use "realX and ._realY" can you please explain further Thanks!
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    Quasi's Pixel Movement and player coords

    I'm having the same problem have you found a fix yet ?
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    Quasi movment

    I wonder if anyone is familiar with quasi movment I'm trying to change the region box settings But I can't get it to work...This is what is says in the documentation. "In order to be able to use Region Boxes, you will need to enable the Use Region Boxes setting. once it's enabled you will need...
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    Real actor position

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    Real actor position

    Hi all, Is there any way to get real player position x,y not Grid position like pixel position ?!
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    QPlugins - Latest: QABS

    Did any of you managed to set region coliders ? I can't get to know how to setup this { "REGION ID 1": [ {"width": w, "height": h, "ox": ox value, "oy": oy value, "tag": "value"} ], "REGION ID 2": [ {"width": w, "height": h, "ox": value, "oy": value}, {"width": w, "height": h, "ox": value...
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    What kind of mapping are we talking about .-.

    What kind of mapping are we talking about .-.
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    Bokou's Freesources - Added Gothic Tileset

    Thank you !! the backpack is so helpful
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    4 sides backpack

    So What I'm trying to make is an animation where the player opens a backpack to get into the menu But I couldn't find any to start with...xd I know it requires a lot of work so I can pay if it's not too expansive. This is what I'm trying to do
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    Happy Eid el Iftar! to everyone. :kaoluv:

    Happy Eid el Iftar! to everyone. :kaoluv:

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