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    What One Thing In RPG Maker Would You Like To See?

    Okay, I've changed my mind. If I could have one thing it would be the ability to bulk edit events. I just realized that for every door I have, I have the common events out of order, and need to go through and update every single one. I would so love an ability to have a multi-line find and...
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    What One Thing In RPG Maker Would You Like To See?

    1) Stock quantity for stores 2) More flexibility for maps, especially in regards to stacking items and passability 3) Item uses that can be used out of combat 4) Integrated time / day / night / month / light system 5) I would love psd sheets of the maps with layers enabled for easier editing
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    Non-Combat Menu

    This works perfect! Thank you so much, I really appreciate your time <3
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    Non-Combat Menu

    Just having a row on bottom would be absolutely amazing, but as long as people can see the gold, that's all I want :)
  5. anjasa

    Non-Combat Menu

    Hey mjshi, is there a way to use Yanfly Item Core's Item page, but still have it show the amount of gold? I see that your plugin defers to Yanfly, but I'm afraid my coding is not good enough to figure out how to add in the little gold box.
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    Request for Hookah Pipe Tileset (MV)

    Oh my gosh, that's beautiful! Is it okay to use with credit? And okay for commercial?
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    [FROG] Talent Core - A D&D like Skill system and/or character building system!

    I don't know if this is what you're looking for but this is one of the events in the demo:
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    Request for Hookah Pipe Tileset (MV)

    Hey! In my searches, I've never been able to find a hookah pipe. I tried to make one on my own but it was... bad. If anyone knows of one or is interested in making one, I'd love to find out about it! Example pictures below.
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    Lazy Tilesets

    I just want to thank you so much for this. I was getting carpal tunnel having to fix everything after deciding to change some tilesets around, and once I figured out how to use this, I was able to fix like 75% of my tilesets in a few minutes!
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    [FROG] Talent Core - A D&D like Skill system and/or character building system!

    Oh wow, good to know! I have a few events to fix :)
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    Copy, Paste, and Clear Tileset Page Settings

    This would make my life so much easier and save me so much time.
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    Announcement RPG Maker MV KADOKAWA Freebies 2019!

    Dark fantasy characters yesssss~
  13. anjasa

    No BS Guide to RPG Maker MV

    This was an awesome intro, and your voice was really nice and soothing & easy to follow along with. Thanks for doing this! I'd love to see more, especially around eventing!
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    New Releases: Pixel Animations, Heroine Character Pack 2

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate it :)
  15. anjasa

    New Releases: Pixel Animations, Heroine Character Pack 2

    Hey, I just had to google this as well, and I'm still a bit confused. This is on the Heroine Character Pack 2, which says to me that there's no commercial use allowed, and can only be used with RPG Maker. This is on the new RMBoy Graphics pack, which says to me that Commercial use is...

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