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  1. Game & Map Screenshots 6

    @Kanax - Beautiful maps! I personally absolutely am in love with the lighting/darkness. I would say all the maps are lovely!
  2. Game & Map Screenshots 5

    It's not as good as it perhaps could be...but, hopefully this suffices for now. It's meant to be a technical neighbourhood - restaurant and apartment buildings and all >.> All feedback appreciated! :)
  3. Game & Map Screenshots 5

    Wow! This looks lovely to me! I really love the dimness and the way everything (furniture) is set.
  4. Game & Map Screenshots 5

    Thanks! :)
  5. Game & Map Screenshots 5

    Hello, all! :)   So, I tried making a little progress on my project, and this is the result so far. I tried to make a Chinese hotel + restaurant. Also took some help and design idea from Celianna's "Advanced Parallaxing" post.   Credits (tile sets):   Celianna FSM - Kimaila Ying   (I will...
  6. Game & Map Screenshots 5

    Thank you! Yes, I will be making changes to those. It seems I need to look around and observe my surroundings a bit more. I seem to lose track of how things actually look/should look when I map.^^ Thank you for your feedback!
  7. Game & Map Screenshots 5

    I had a feeling something did look out of place, so thank you for letting me know. :) Glad you like it otherwise. Could you explain the last part with the statues? I didn't really understand it.^^ Thank you for your feedback!
  8. Game & Map Screenshots 5

    Hello, everyone! :) This is technically the main hall/living room. I haven't decided exactly what. Hopefully it looks even a little decent :/ Please let me know if anything looks out of place or anything (with or without the curtains?) Credits (tilesets): Celianna Caitlin
  9. Avy's Icon Workshop [Back to buisness!]

    Hello, Avery!   First off, absolutely lovely work! :D   I would like to request icon sets for armor.   I would like it if you could make icons for the following armors from the list:       Japanese cloth  Heaven's wheel armor  Black wing armor   I have a few more requests, however, I...
  10. Game & Map Screenshots 5

    Hello! First of all, I would like to sincerely thank everyone who gave me advice! It was really helpful. Second, I want to apologize because I know me posting again and again is taking up space. X( So, I will make this my last post for the time being. I have finally made some changes and tried...
  11. Game & Map Screenshots 5

    Well, I decided to overall remove the roof, and I got rid of all of the bay windows except for one. Thank you for all your advice1
  12. Game & Map Screenshots 5

    Thank you for your reply and help!! :) I have applied Sharm's tips on this map, and hopefully it looks even a little decent. Thank you. :)
  13. Game & Map Screenshots 5

    Hello!   I have posted one of these images in a previous topic before, but I have made changes. I have one major issue - how to make the stairs and the above platform look 3-D. I can't seem to get my head around what to do about it... All help and feedback appreciated! Thank you!
  14. Character won't start in the starting position! Help!

    I have tried using Yanfly's Parallax Lock Script, and it has worked! Thank you all for your help! I really appreciate it! Thanks a lot, Celianna!! :D  ♥ 
  15. Character won't start in the starting position! Help!

    I tried using OriginalWij's parallax lock script, but that didn't work either. :/ I will try with another script...

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