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    RM2k/3 Legend of the Mysterummy

    I created a new trailer for the game!
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    RM2k/3 Legend of the Mysterummy

    @FleshToDust, thank you for the first look! I was very interested to watch you play my game. It was really very helpful! :LZScat: I saw from the side some errors that I could not imagine. And you are certainly right about the contrast of the text display. It is strange that I did not notice this...
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    RM2k/3 Legend of the Mysterummy

    Thank you! I hope it will be interesting to play as I wrote! But I will be waiting for feedback anyway! :yswt:
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    RMXP Phantasy Star... Twenty years past

    We updated the game and fixed some more bugs.:ahappy: I also added a game to You can download it here: We are always happy to see new reviews, thanks for supporting us.
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    RM2k/3 Legend of the Mysterummy

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    RMMV - Dwarf base

    You can use children as dwarves. :oswt:
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    Female protagonist or Male Protagonist?

    Of course, women all over the world play games. Every year, more and more women are playing. I voted for the woman, because it looks more beautiful. :yswt:
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    Where are my Internets?

    Maybe he threw the bones of the hands or fins. I don't know, maybe I should ask it from him.  :D Yes, of course it is. :)  I think it's true. :distrust:   But I don't see how they do it.  ;)
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    Where are my Internets?

    I can say this simple sentences make it clear. :blush:  It may sound crazy  :guffaw: Angry skeleton throws his bone. He didn't do it for a long time. He does it with pleasure. In the end, he fell apart. HexMozart88, It's so long. Canini, "It's not a bug. It's a feature!" I'm glad that...
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    Where are my Internets?

    Thank you very much. ;_;   :D  I created this little game for a long time. :)  This is my dream - to create games and implement my ideas in the form of games. I'm not sure that I have the talent. :blush:  (But your words give me inspiration :D  )  And I'm glad to hear that...
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    Where are my Internets?

    Thanks, :)  but I don't understand what you wanted to say.   >_>  I rarely write in this forum, because I worried about my knowledge of the language. Maybe I need more practice.  Shaz, thank you! :D  Your plugins are very useful and don't create conflicts! Excellent plugin - Change Tile...
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    Where are my Internets?

    It is a board game set in a strange fictional world that resembles our present-day world, but with elements of humour and surreal events. You play as a typical city person who arrives in a desolate countryside with no trace of the internet. Your aim is to survive in these tough conditions. There...
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    Iavra Localization

    Thank you for an interesting plugin. :) It is very sad that there is no exporter / importer functions.  :( When you planning to add this?
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    JK_DirectShop - Skip buy/sell window on purchase/sell only

    I apologize for the delay. The error occurs only in browser. I don't understand what is required. Perhaps you would like to see this.

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