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  1. KISS Faction System

    Please can I know how to use icon instead of a gauge
  2. Summon Core

    Do you know his ******* ???
  3. YR Plugins

    Thank you very much and keep up the good work
  4. Summon Core

    I see now
  5. Summon Core

    Actually Iam asking myself if he still continues or if he stopped I need this plugin so badly in my game He actually released it here:
  6. YR Plugins

    Ok I see thanks I took care of the problem anyway
  7. YR Plugins

    What is double Posting and how your Edit thing ???
  8. YR Plugins

    Guy you are amazing I was looking for all the plugin here for a long time now but here all of them are even your Osmosis System will allow me to create an Absolver Class like in the game Absolver they can learn a skill by witness it..... Really thanks and huge thank you EDIT Sorry but the...
  9. Plug&Play Vibrato battlers [part 5]

    Thanks but I already took care of the problem
  10. Plug&Play Vibrato battlers [part 5]

    The attaack motion doesn't work
  11. Actors Friendship System

    Yes it is possible through common event
  12. Bestiary Logbook v1.8 - updated 1/21/2014

    Please can you export it to Rpg Maker MV
  13. [STV] Plugins | STV_BeastBook

    Sorry Skotty I know I am pretty late for the party but how can I set weakness to appear only if discovered in battle
  14. Actors Friendship System

    Actually I am working on the same thing and I think I figured a way to do that but it is not sure yet
  15. Torigoya_BalloonInBattle (Balloon message in side-view battle)

    Thanks I use it in my project actually do you want a free copy when I will finish it ???

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