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    [Stupid question, Skills Database] Why put occasion in "Never"?

    I have used it sometimes in the past for passive skills (show up in the menu and allow for the conditional branch option "has actor learned skill x") and to manually deactivate skills (replace skill with a replica that looks identical in the menu but is never usable). Admittedly those scenarios...
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    RMMV Cannot read property 'code' of undefined, enemy trait "code"

    Hard to tell from this position, my first guess would be that maybe you left an "empty" enemy in your troop? The database categories are normally completely loaded during Scene_Boot before entering the title screen. Unless you are modifying your database entries later during runtime it should...
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    RMMV Plugin to change defense?

    Do you mean base damage (before elemental/critical/guard modifiers are applied) or final damage? Only damage from battle actions or also things like a negative HRG traits, floor damage or event commands? If you need to change the base damage, you could of course just use the damage formula...
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    RMMV How do you permanently disable player movement?

    I have messed up in the post above, for some reason I read $gamePlayer in your script as Game_Player.prototype ... Sorry. Still the game won't save/restore your function changes through the save file system. Yes. The "this" keyword in a function always refers to the object that you called the...
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    RMMV How do you permanently disable player movement?

    Keep in mind that the state of your functions is application wide, so when you lock the characters movement like this it will remain locked after the player returns to the title screen and loads a different savefile. (Edit: My bad, I misread $gamePlayer as Game_Player.prototype) The lock will...
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    Damaging complexity

    I would say that heavily depends on what you are trying to do with this. A lot of games that feature different stats do not really build complex puzzles on top of those after all. Apart from that my first approach would probably be to separate the important commonalities into a proper tutorial...
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    RMMV Battle item target reserve party

    You could try something like this maybe: There is probably a better way to solve this, as this is probably incompatible with most plugins that alter the possible target scopes or the target selection UI and would have to be adjusted. If it isn't already, your code to limit battle members would...
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    Help understanding passability ($ and $dataTileset[id].flags)

    Not sure if/where they are listed in the MZ manual, but as far as I remember they should not have changed since VXAce, which lists them like this: Edit: Too slow.
  9. Another Fen

    Help understanding passability ($ and $dataTileset[id].flags)

    Hey there, Couldn't remember a specific guide right now (although there definitely are some), but generally the higher numbers are reserved for the A-Tilesets: 0-1023: Tileset B-E 1536-1663: Tileset A5 2048-8191: Tilesets A1-A4 Each tile in the A1-A4 sets reserves 48 indexes for the possible...
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    Profanity filter seems to "censor" code segments

    *Pushing this as the issue seems to have reappeared with the forum update* Sorry, but thanks for your work on this. :)
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    How to make a skill that reacts to state

    Adding to Milenins solution, you can technically do this even without a common event: - Make the invisible state block (state rate 0%) super poison - Make regular poison "state resist" the invisible state - Optional: Make super poison "state resist" regular poison (to automatically replace it) -...
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    Using the Enemy Action List

    On second glance: If you use the select method with a code block you won't get an Enumerator back, but a reduced array of elements that passed the condition, which might have been what you were trying to do: numbers = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5] even_numbers = { |entry| entry % 2 == 0 } p...
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    Using the Enemy Action List

    Hey there, You are correct about the array indexes, normally enemy actions are stored in an array, so you should be able to access them like this: array = $data_enemies[1].actions array[0].skill_id # Skill ID of the first action array[1].skill_id # Skill ID of the second action For whatever...
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    Help with Purchase Prices

    My first guess would be that Ruby distinguishes between integer and floating point arithmetic. If you divide two numbers, the result will be rounded down to an integer unless one of the operands is considered a floating point number: So for instance 100 / 92 => 1 while 100.0 / 92 => 1.0869...
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    RMMV How do you permanently disable player movement?

    You could also block regular player movement by giving them an empty, repeating move route (To cancel the route replace it with an empty, non repeating one). In case your map is bigger than one screen. (Might be unneccessary when using the plugin though)

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