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    Requesting Help w/ "Payback" Skill

    You could try using ( original formula ) * (b.current_action ? 1 : 2) b.current_action refers to the next action the target has lined up. If the target has already attacked (or becomes uncontrollable) then no more lined actions exist and the condition is false. This has the side effect that it...
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    parallel process won't always work as intended...

    My first guess would be that the gap between two position checks might be too big. Assuming normal movement speed the player character needs 16 frames to walk one tile or 8 frames when dashing. If your conditional branch is run less frequently than that the player would be able to walk past the...
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    Check if an enemy can act

    One thing I forgot last time is that for the purpose of the command I posted a confused battler is still technically allowed to use all their skills (the game will just replace their actions in battle, but the player is allowed to make a party member cure their own confusion outside of combat...
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    Check if an enemy can act

    You could try to use this command in a conditional branch to check if a skill or item is usable: battler.canUse($dataSkills[ID]) battler: $gameTroop.members()[Index] for the index-th enemy in the troop (starting at 0) $gameParty.members()[Index] for the index-th party member (starting at 0)...
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    Equipment that can reduces critical damage

    It's likely there is a more comfortable solution with the Critical Control plugin you mentioned, but you could also achieve this regardless by expanding the damage formulas of all relevant items: (original formula) * (b.result().critical ? b.elementRate(12) : 1) This would multiply the damage...
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    How to edit the TP formula?

    You should be able to find and edit the original function if you search for it in the "rpg_objects.js" file too if you prefer that. I just generally think it's cleaner to copy these functions into a new javascript file and to do your edits there. If you have multiple versions of the same...
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    How to edit the TP formula?

    Hey there, If you just want to adjust the magnitude of the values, you could try to change the "TP Charge Rate" special parameter for your battlers through traits (this multiplies TP gain from both damage and items though). If you want to make deeper changes to the formula, you could try to...
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    What *exactly* does Luck do?

    The bonus/malus per LUK point should be 0.1% of the original chance, adding up. So in the extreme, if your state would normally have a 40% application chance, but you have a 1-LUK-actor hitting a 999-LUK-enemy, the chance is reduced to 40% * 0.2% = 0.08%. Vice versa, the enemy has a 40% * 198.8%...
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    How to use note-tags?

    One more thing about the regular expression from your first attempt, which was almost working: A dot in a regular expression normally matches any character except a linebreak - unless your regular expression has multi-line mode enabled (although irrelevant here, multi-line mode will still try...
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    Creating an enemy that's only damaged by a critical hit

    One way to modify it would be to introduce element rates into the formula, for example: (original formula) * (b.result().critial ? 1 : b.elementRate(11)) This would multiply the damage with the targets affinity to element 11 for non-critical strikes while not changing the outcome of critical ones.
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    0 damages.

    Hey there, The default damge formula can be a bit confusing in the manual, but generally the expected damage is calculated from two factors (ignoring elemental effectiveness, critical and guard modifiers and variance): base value = attackers ATK - targets PDEF / 2 amplification factor = 1 +...
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    ModAlg Composite Characters - Variable for Hue

    Might be because I messed that one up too... Fixed the code above. =) The script command would be an option to use instead of a comment, which would allow you to use Ruby code for all parameters you need without modifying the original script. So you could replace this comment for example...
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    ModAlg Composite Characters - Variable for Hue

    You were right, the error was on my end (again) I fear... I forgot that the method works with either a MA_Composite_Graphic object or a Hash. Which makes the example code a bit more bloated: :) if cg.is_a?(Hash) if string.include?("v41") cg[:hue] = $game_variables[41] elsif...
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    ModAlg Composite Characters - Variable for Hue

    Hey there, You have some right ideas here, but overall I don't think the location is ideal. You can replace a static number with a variable, but keep in mind that will only use the value of the variable at the moment that command is executed. If you want to change the system so it continuously...
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    Accessing actor's status window

    Hey there, You should be able to set the actor for the status/equip/skill menu by using SceneManager.push(Scene_Status); $gameParty.setMenuActor($ ActorID )); That actor does not necessarily need to be in the party. Your plugin should do the trick for the main menu, but don't...

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