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    Random Encounter Schemes/"Systems"

    Thanks! You're completely true, it will require vastly more work than "set random encounter rate to 13%". And yes, the vast majority of the encounters would still be visible - the idea is that the "invisible" encounters generate additional tension and unpredictability, but that only works if...
  2. Anthony Xue

    Random Encounter Schemes/"Systems"

    Do these have to be mutually exclusive? You could have, for instance, characters with a scouting ability. Depending on whether that ability is sufficiently trained (some monsters may be harder to spot than others), encounters may be visible or not. Could be accompanied by a starting message at...
  3. Anthony Xue

    Stat Checks?

    Good lord, one day offline and the whole thing goes off the rails. At this point, I think the discussion has progressed into territory that doesn't have much to do with its original purpose, so I'll leave it with these remarks... I started out with about a dozen unfinished attempts and one...
  4. Anthony Xue

    Stat Checks?

    Thank you. Basically my point - if there's a door with a stat-/skill-based lock, I would like to be able to - pick the lock (Pick Locks skill, maybe enhanced by special one-use dwarven lockpicks) - break the door (Strength check, maybe enhanced with Strength potion) - cast a spell (Knock, maybe...
  5. Anthony Xue

    Stat Checks?

    @Trihan I'm completely with you here, even though @Tai_MT makes it look as if I'm not :wink:. And this is true not only of the narrative, but other checks as well. Just as an example, how much gameplay sense makes a Spot Secret Doors check that openly announces it has failed? @Tai_MT Your...
  6. Anthony Xue

    Stat Checks?

    I think that numerical non-combat checks make very much sense, but only under the condition that the check concerns only one party member. Mainly, this is true of very specific skills where (usually) only one party member has the required knowledge. For very broad checks like strength (or also...
  7. Anthony Xue

    Using gif/apng as loading image

    Thanks! (It's now a floating hourglass. Much more appealing.)
  8. Anthony Xue

    Using gif/apng as loading image

    @tale Could you elaborate on that? What exactly do I have to do to get a custom loading image in MZ? I hate this spinning circle with a passion.
  9. Anthony Xue

    RMMV [RSE] The Lost -DpC- || Play the Demo now! ||

    Alright! First of all, I'm quite impressed with the graphical polish and the amount of effort you are still putting into this despite having a job and a family. This is obviously a work of love, and it clearly stands out among RPG Maker games. However, when playing through the demo (played the...
  10. Anthony Xue

    OcRam MZ -plugins

    Thanks for your great plugin! One question, though - is there a way to get a Night Phase Common Event similar to the Day Phase CE? I'd like my parallax sky background image to change from a cloudy day picture to a starlit sky night picture as soon as night falls.
  11. Anthony Xue

    JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Excellent, that worked. Ah, I'm really not fond of coding, but I guess I'll have to learn one or two things...
  12. Anthony Xue

    rabbitMap - A minimap plugin for MZ (and MV)

    Looks nice! Is there a way to include a "fog of war" so the player can only see the parts of the map they already discovered? Makes a huge difference in a first-person perspective game...
  13. Anthony Xue

    JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Wow, should have cought that. Thanks! However, the result is even more confusing - what I wanted to do was construct a message "Attack of [name of the user of the item] has been raised." This should work with "Attack of [\V8] has been raised". But when I then try to determine the user name with...
  14. Anthony Xue

    JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    So all I want to do is to store the name of the actor that last used an item in a variable. I use the Last Target Actor ID command to store the actor's ID in variable 7, that's working. But what is missing in the following? $gameVariables.setValue(8, $$gameVariables.value(7).name);
  15. Anthony Xue

    VisuStella Sample Project & MZ Core Plugins

    So I'm working with the Custom Parameters... turns out there's not much space to display them in the default windows. My idea was to create an additional category, which works, and tell the window for that category to get the values of the Custom Parameters - which unfortunately requires more JS...

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