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    Post Your Music

    Thanks! the program can be a pain in the butt some times to get working right, but it can make some pretty life-like singing if you persist with it! Your singing was great as well!
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    Post Your Music

    Hey all. Not all of my music is game oriented, in fact I mostly write a lot of classical pieces. If you are curious you can check out my youtube channel. Below is a piece I just finished recently for choir, and the audio is actually a virtual instrument called Symphonic Choirs, which has a...
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    FREE [PHANTASY FRONTIER ] Artwork/Music/Design

    If you need sound design help, I could do that too. I dont have much experience in that domain, but I do have an in-house studio, so experimenting on Logic Pro X is something I could offer in that context as well.
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    FREE [PHANTASY FRONTIER ] Artwork/Music/Design

    Hey, I'm Anthony, I primarily write classical music, but I'm looking to get into composing for some games, and I would love to be the composer for this. Here are some links to find out more about me: link removed by mod If you are interested in seeing a broader profile of my work just go on...
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    New Composer for Projects/Saying Hello!

    Hey everybody I'm Anthony Bannach!  I graduated in 2014 with a degree in Music Composition, and now I'm trying to get a freelance career started while I teach English in Shanghai area as a day job until I get more momentum with this career. I've already scored a feature length film called The...

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Been away for awhile, but here's some new free music. This one is kind of weird or experimental and not sure how I'd classify it. But, hopefully someone will find it useful!

I'm working with Excel today, and I just hate VBA so much. It's like the designers said "How can we make a programming language that works as obtusely and inefficiently as possible?"

Just finished and uploaded the delivery truck base/sprite sheet. I've been steadily replacing the default assets with early modern alternatives. The air-ship for a biplane, horse-drawn wagon for a delivery truck, and next a sailboat for a steam-powered passenger liner (think of the SS Olympic and RMS Titanic).

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