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  • Playing around with the Samurai Pack. Love the looks of everything except for the cliffsides...
    There are no actual 'hill' pieces from what I can see, but a quick tileset edit might fix that!
    You're absolutely right, skimmed through a bit fast when I sat down. Guess I'll have to kindly ask Tsuzuya to fix it for me when she has the time :p
    Tsuzuya has found her way over to my humble residence! Celebrating it with drinks and various 2-player games! Work will have to wait 'til tomorrow,
    After a very hectic summer I've finally found the time to start playing with RPGMaker yet again. Time to re-learn everything that I knew how to do a few months ago >_<
    Where the hell did May run off to?? Feels like time's passed by way too quick...
    Totally agreeing with you man. Feels like it passed in a flash.
    Eurgh, tiles on the map I'm currently designing are giving me a hard time. Better sleep some instead of banging my head against the desk though.
    My back is killing me but I have a lot to work on. Solution? Time to start munching on handfulls of painkillers!
    Messing around with a short practice-project in the company of some good ale and music. Life feels pretty damned good right now I'll have to admit!
    I should by all logic hate this song..but for some strange reason it's had the opposite effect on me o_O :
    What I learned today: Save your projects often to prevent yourself from going nuts when your computer crashes. Oh well, I need to practice mapping anyways...
    Set up and posted the first entry ever in the blog that I share with Tsu!
    Thanks a lot for the support! And congrats on finishing your demo :)
    Thanks! If you want I can give you the download link early on! The forum topic hasn't been accepted yet haha
    Oh, that'd be really cool. Would love to try it out :D
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Bluh... glad this present heatwave is coming to a close...
Look what I found, it was my first ABS.

This project was never completed because I had lost the computer where it was stored.
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Is there any way to get more than 8 enemies in a troop in RMMV or is that limit pretty much hardcoded into the engine?
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