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    Pokemon Corner

    My picks my picks: 1. Cutest non-legendary: Joltik takes the cake. See how tiny it is? TOO frigging cute!!!! 2. Coolest lengendary: Reshiram 3. Strongest non-legendary: Stats-wise or what? Stats-wise then any pseudo-legendary fits the bill, if otherwise then probably Swarmpert (very...
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    The Grumpy Knight (and the crisis in Helena's Kingdom)

    And I've just finished it!!!~ It was so much fun fun fun \o\ Indra Formar you two are such good team and Scinaya your custom face was adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    LOL I saw it. Had a lady boner but whatever :>

    LOL I saw it. Had a lady boner but whatever :>
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    I'm sorry I should've cleaned my glasses better. I just didn't expect "that" to be parading...

    I'm sorry I should've cleaned my glasses better. I just didn't expect "that" to be parading the forums like no tomorrow
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    Well dying bishies always pique my interest XDD

    Well dying bishies always pique my interest XDD
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    Pokemon Corner

    @Hyde9318: I'm not a Nintendo diehard, I just don't like it that you rant with your personal preference (frankly, I disagree with them all), and then you treat it like absolute fact ("we established that Nintendo made bad decisions etc."), that's all. AFAIK, people had been asking for a light...
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    Pokemon Corner

    The Psychic - Dark - Fighting cycle had been widely established for quite awhile now ever since the trailer was released. Some was even hoping that the starters would be dual-type so none would really hold an edge over the other. But then official information that first stages are still monotype...
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    Pokemon Corner

    XD Good type? So what does it do? Convince other pokemon to end battle peacefully without resorting to violence? Heal opponent's pokemon HP and perhaps PP to save their trip to Poke centre? Yea, I don't think there will be a Light type ... Steel type was created to make Fighting more desirable...
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    Pokemon Corner

    Steel type IMO isn't OP'ed. Steel pokemon are often very slow, and honestly, except for when they are part Ground- or Fighting- type, most Steel pokemon aren't that stellar in offense either (they don't super effective against many types, and against both those type I rather use Ground or...
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    Pokemon Corner

    There won't be a light type :/ Dark type in Pokemon is not the Dark vs. Light like everyone thinks, as in Japanese the type is literally translated as the Evil/Bad type, a type that uses cheap tricks like surprise attack (faint atk), underhanded moves (sucker punch, beat up, fake tears, flatter...
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    I'm working on comickz >D

    I'm working on comickz >D
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    wassup my man :"D?

    wassup my man :"D?
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    Pokemon Corner

    I think the artist would appreciate it if you credit him and link back to his website rather than just posting his arts elsewhere. I still stick with Xereas and Yveltal represent the possibility of pokemon fusion :D
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    Pokemon Corner

    I've seen speculations about X and Y stand for the chromosomes, which can indicate the possibility of fusemon (which we all know the possibility of it has arised since last gen) and the reappearance of Deoxys. Which can mean Hoenn remake after this (because DS is dead, Hoenn remake should be on...
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    Pokemon Corner

    Really? Obvious? 1. After Black and White, people speculating a Pokemon Grey game centering around Kyugrem. And we get Black 2 and White 2. 2. After Black 2 and White 2, according to order we should get a Hoenn remake, but instead we got Gen VI (Damn, Hoenn remake ;u;) When Gen VI is...

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