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  1. RMMV Why won't these options save when re-loading or restarting the game?

    This didn't fix it, unfortunately. I think this might not even be workable. One thing I'm realizing is that the diag sounds are turned on and off by those MSG TALK sections, but that plugin always defaults to on when you reload or restart.
  2. How much money have you actually made off a completed game?

    I've only released one game, but it's sold a few short of 6k copies in a year and a bit since release. Price point really is something to think about. I made my game with no understanding or experience of the genre I was in at all. I'd never played any of them. I just winged it pretty much...
  3. RMMV Trying to get DebugSpeedUp and Yanfly's Visual HP bars to work together.

    I'm trying to get these two plugins to work together, but having no luck. One is Visual HP Gauges by Yanfly. It makes it so enemies have HP gauges over them in battle. The other is SRdude's Debug speed up, which lets you change the speed of the game with key presses and is really useful for...
  4. RMMV What parts of code do I need to make this plugin work?

    That got it! Thank you so much. It's all working now.
  5. RMMV What parts of code do I need to make this plugin work?

    Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to do anything. Nothing at all happens when I select it on the title menu.
  6. RMMV What parts of code do I need to make this plugin work?

    Hi. I'm trying to use two plugins together. One adds a gallery type of thing to the main menu, and the other is a Title Menu manager. ^^^ That's the one for the gallery...
  7. How to stop enemies following into cutscenes?

    Well, yeah, of course having them not present when it makes no sense is the most elegant and desired result. Having it so they give chase to a certain point generally took care of this, even if it was a bit weird looking when they wandered off. The only real way is to separate maps between...
  8. How to stop enemies following into cutscenes?

    That doesn't really fix the issue of them following right into a cutscene and then still just waiting there, I think. They would just be standing there for the entire cutscene and waiting. That could cause other issues where the enemies get in the way of cutscene move routes. I guess one...
  9. How to stop enemies following into cutscenes?

    So, I have my enemies on map. I use Yanfly's Event Chase plugin to have the enemies follow the player if they spot them and then start combat if they touch. One issue I have is that enemies can just keep following players all the way into a cutscene, which is really weird. I did try and use...
  10. RMMV How can I add an updatable objective section to my pause menu?

    Was hoping someone could point me in the right direction here. I'm trying to add a simple objective section to my pause menu. I've added a mockup below. I want to have it so the objective description changes based on a variable. Is this possible somehow? Thanks!
  11. RMMV What is the script call for hiding or showing an event choice option?

    Okay, sorry guys. I made a mistake here. I thought I had done this before without any plugins and just an in-built script call, but I managed to find where I done it, and it turns out I used Yanfly's extended message plugin commands. So embarrassing lol. This thread can be deleted or closed...
  12. RMMV What is the script call for hiding or showing an event choice option?

    I feel dumb. I know I've used this before but can't find where I used it and can't find what the script call is through google. But it lets you hide a choice option. Can someone please tell me? I'd rather not use another plugin for this. Thanks!
  13. Any way to bind keyboard keys to gamepad buttons?

    Okay, so I have the plugin installed. Do players have to actually go in and change the settings to WASD control themselves? Or can I set this plugin up so it's WASD by default?
  14. Any way to bind keyboard keys to gamepad buttons?

    Yeh, I can do it on my end with Input Mapper as well, but I do want this for a deployed game.

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