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    [Solved] $ and loop breaks help, please?

    Thanks @autodidact @Andar @Eliaquim @Nolonar for the help! Everything works perfectly now! :uhappy:
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    [Solved] $ and loop breaks help, please?

    First is an apology if I'm not clear with my problem because English isn't my mother tongue. So what am I trying to do here is to let players name their own character, but some names aren't allowed because they overlap with NPCs. Then, I want the name input prompt to be looped if players keep...
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    The Last Girl on Earth - Winner of the Indie in a Week Contest

    Hello! I got interested with this one and already finished it yesterday. I think it's cool, but the white text over light gray screen (there are some windows with it, I don't remember which one exactly) is just hard to read, especially for ones with eye problem as me. I like the music, though...

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Ladies and gentlepeeps, I'm working on a Chuck E Cheese horror game! Did you know that in the 80's, in the Pizza Time Theater, Helen Henny was a separate character who performed in a separate room called the Cabaret? She was one of the possible guest stars there, and she was a Hollywood star at the time. But this particular unit seems to have a dark secret...
So here we go again with my programming. Currently I don't know what to program, so I am just doing things to see what I can make. Currently just photoshop though :/ Join in if you wish to see the stream. Very exclusive, mostly just 1-2 people watching.
I'm feeling rough today, a bit too many last night I'd say. Still have no choice to work on Corpse Mansion. That and I got. bunch of sales last night. I was like wtf this morning? Next payout is gonna be nice at least.
I'm just so close to replacing LUK with a different stat, maybe DEX but we'll see.

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