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  • My understanding of Js is pretty low. Going to dedicate some time each day of the week to wrapping my head around it and learning it. Was going to event out a battlesystem in MZ, which is going well, but the time I can spend making that can be used to learn Js more clearly.
    Roll for initiative! Reworking my UI for the battle system I am working on, thought I would share the rolls since I really like how they look.
    Making a (near) scriptless 'simple' style on map evented battle system for MZ. Only script used is the 'ExtraWindow' that comes with MZ. The rest is all evented. Having fun getting back into RPGM, thought I'd share. Plus if all goes well I may just pop it into a base game file and upload it for anyone who wants to mess with it.
    Just got Rpg Maker MZ, tried the demo out before and liked what I messed around with. Time to have some fun!
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Heading to Orlando in six days! It'll be my first time going to Disney's Typhoon Lagoon. And then my dad will pick what we do for Father's Day!
With this, I'm gonna have a good night sleep
Damn. We’ve gotten so close to 0 reports, 0 approvals a few times over the past couple weeks. Does it matter? No. Is it realistic. No? Do I rely on your reports and want everyone to keep posting. Yes. Do I 100% games? …sigh… Yes.

Ah yes, all three of my moods all at once.

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