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    MV RTP Edits in progress, rooms edition!​

    Been nostalgic for VX ACE again, so started mass re-touching and adding to an old tile series I started back in 2014. Weird how I really enjoy creating tiles, but putting together maps makes me want to scream.
    Looking to make some original assets that'll blend with the RTPs (MV & Ace), but not sure what's needed out there? Any suggestions?
    Omg. Either, honestly! (I don't mind long lists~)
    Hmmm, I've been honestly trying to think of specifics but coming up short. My vote would be more modern stuff, I think a lot more people are trying to do more with it lately. As for what, I think any sort of furniture would be good or electronics. Variety is always nice to keep maps from looking all the same.

    Also, wow, just looked at your stuff - gorgeous!
    Nice! I'm already getting a bunch of ideas, ahh.

    Thank you so much for the suggestion!! (And your kind words! <3)
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My new 49" monitor has been dispatched from the warehouse. Will it arrive tomorrow? The day after? I love that we can track packages now, even if it does only tell me when it's left that end and when it's arrived at the local centre. As long as it doesn't end up in Melbourne again, which has happened before ...
My friend's doing a surprise stream of my game Origin Hunt on Twitch here ! Feel free to stop by :yhappy:
Me, designing it a long time ago: Having an optional boss fight as a random chance to trigger when you fish in a certain spot with a certain type of bait is fun! Cool idea!
Me, trying to playtest everything again: oh god just let me see the boss, my bag is so full of fish!
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