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  • Done edit sprite Raven witch char for main party.

    Dirty waterfall in satelite city bekasi.
    credit: Hiddeone for knight, LadyBaskerville XP to MV, whtdragon for reindeer, witch nude body by RayaneFLX
    Shop in deep forest. Dark High Fantasy but colorful sometimes.

    This not uncommon on hiking route if you come to my country. Even in top mountain post, you will have a shop to buy coffee, drinks, eat like this.
    *my sprite edit for close appearance resemble my svbattler.
    Main char for High (Dark) Fantasy Party

    my local culture village+parallax map terrain and lightning+RTP sprite object combine.
    *credit Hiddenone for knight, LadyBaskerville XP to MV, whtdragon for reindeer.

    I saw one DLC MZ use 3D overworld battleback. Why not actorsvbattler or sprite char too? even battleship DLC is 3D model.
    Resize the battle hud (take much time huff) and trying RTP tall dark fantasy DLC. Only battleback not RTP. Enemy, Actorsvbattler, Battleback edit in same color vibe aesthetic.

    *it will be better if we have a resource RTP with type rear back sv battler sprite version.
    I think when they say asset RTP is bad, they don't know how to blend actor battler, enemy, and environment. Still good you know, Sahagin VX Ace RTP.

    *RM Unite need cater this high fantasy visual consumer or visual Jrpg like "Fantasian" Hironobu sakaguchi.
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    Yeah some group doesnt liked game with RTP resource, but if you touch little it can be good like i showed (sahagin). Thank You, zombie. Its common in dark high fantasy (Yennefer witcher 3) and Jrpg (mostly Final Fantasy), women need to be gorgeous, sexy, and use high heels and she is Witch Class huhu. :ywink:
    I think the RTP is good (Meaning, well made/high quality. Met the requirements of what it tried to be) but unappealing (My personal taste and preference.) This doesn't just apply to graphics either, some fighting games look insanely good visually, but I'm not interested in the gameplay.
    Yup everyone have their different preference. I like mortal kombat but in visual aesthetic I like Dead or Alive more because sexy sexy girls yey. RTP still can be something if edit like your own preference for your game, like I do.
    When pick go into party combat, gameplay need to changed. Semi-wait ATB best for that.

    3 party is beast enough. 4 party too OP. If go to native resolution, combat view is tight, if go 1104x618 combat view become wide. :ysad:
    RTP monster blend nice with semi realistic approach aesthetic. :ywink:

    If Rpgmaker for sprite cartoon type game, why RTP monster battler is good semi realistic digital painting (RMVX-RMVXACE). that's art style I like alot from past engine.
    Legendary RTP not Ralph (forgot the name XD) on duel 1vs1 combat huhu.

    Messing with function editor, set Parry+Riposte when use "Guard" with 30% chance. Really MV not have plugins "Time Button Attack" Galv. Sad only in RMVXACE, I see people looking that too.
    Bleak Faith: Forsaken indie game soul-like release now. I like the vision art direction so atmospheric. I can see some homage to Tyrant Resident Evil and Alien HR. Giger huhu. Every game now borrow/inspired something from game in the past.
    Attack part of enemy body like For Honor/Chivalry 2 combat. Its hard if solo combat (bcs enemy can atk 5x times), but party combat is fine. No fancy animation, just light-heavy attack, basic magic for atk.

    front view like this makes me remember like RMXP in the past :yhappy:
    you can make this with MOG_BattleHud.js and MOG_BattleCursor.js.
    Simple yet visually appealing. Front View Battle System have his own charms.

    *Many pokemon fan can mimic this visual battle perspective. Easy.

    Simple solo duel combat, but when testing is a like Dark Soul combat huhu.

    if not use BustBattlePic.js, you can use MOG_BattleHud.js and edit "Face" image. so char image have little animation when battle :ywink:
    I think I'll choose Front View Battle System for my game which focus to map exploration and story. Simple default Front combat with Only One Character (like Suikoden 2 Duel).


    I search and best plugin to use is BattleBustPic.js by Matsu UP (have system change image bust when low health, many hentai RM use this huhu).
    Finally found "the name" of old game rpgmaker in RM2K3 era. Aberrant2 have nice fluid animation 25 frame limitation in rm2k3. Is gore, absurd, but good and character like a knight in dark soul huhu. The helicopter ambush cutscene hilarious.

    Item Shop as semi-mini convenience store :ywink:

    Is there any plugins or eventing shop, so you can pick item in racks and buy in cashier?
    I like this one. success blend two style in photorealistic lightning. XD

    Inspiration and perspective preference Octopath Traveler II field map.
    I think I know now direction on interior and outside map I want to, for my game.
    It's a cool style, but the perspective of the building is entirely off from the rest and it throws things off considerably. With the angle everything else is at, you should be seeing more of the building's roof and less of the facade.
    I see... I'll try another view position in next Map. Thank You. :yhappy:
    Also the perspective of the tank and its crispness makes it stand out as not fitting in with anything else.
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