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  1. RMMV Function aliasing results in indefinite loading screen. Why?

    *insert me facepalming* Yeah, as I thought, a pretty obvious mistake... Thank you very much :)
  2. RMMV Function aliasing results in indefinite loading screen. Why?

    I once again come to you with what is probably a pretty obvious mistake, but I can't figure it out. So when I start my game normally (new game) everything works just fine. What I want to do is modify: Scene_Map.prototype.isReady So I add the following code...
  3. RMMV How to wait for Bitmaps to load?

    Yes, thank you very much. After wrangling a little bit with dynamically generating functions, that worked just fine. What an embarrassing mistake to make :| I am not quite used to VS Code and Javascript. Coming from Java that would have been an obvious syntax error that the IDE would have...
  4. RMMV How to wait for Bitmaps to load?

    How do you wait for Bitmaps to finish loading? I know this isn't the best scenario. Ideally you would tell the ImageManager to load images way in advance, but this is just simply not always possible. Sometimes you need to load images on the fly. The problem is of course that images don't load...
  5. RMMV Plugin not loading (despite showing up in the plugin manager)

    That was indeed the problem. I totally missed that error message in the dev tools. I am just surprised VS Code didn't catch that syntax error. Thank you!
  6. RMMV Plugin not loading (despite showing up in the plugin manager)

    I must be making some really dumb mistake, can someone help me out. I wrote a plugin 'PhoneChatManager'. I went into the plugin manger in the editor, selected 'PhoneChatManager' and turned it on. It's status is set to 'on' in that window. I clicked ok in the plugin manager and then started my...
  7. RMMV Need Help With Dynamically Building the Main Character Sprite in My Custom Plugin

    Hello everyone, I am trying to writer a plugin that dynamically builds the main character's sprite out of several different components, depending on the equipment they are currently wearing, but I am having some difficulties. The Character tile set for my main character that is set in the...
  8. RMMV Need expertise with UI rendering

    Unfortunately that is not the case. I checked using the Dev Tools. It is running through my version of _refreshCursor.
  9. RMMV Need expertise with UI rendering

    TLDR: Does anybody know how do draw multiple cursor selection in a Window_Selectable? Long version: So I am currently writing my own equipment system. One feature it has is that some pieces of equipment can occupy multiple equipment slots. (I also have custom equipment slots) So e.g. a hazmat...
  10. RMMV Scene lifecycle? Where to do clean-up?

    Found my answer and for future generations here is the very simple solution: I just have to make ma modifications to children in the terminate function before I call aliased reference to terminate. :rswt
  11. RMMV Scene lifecycle? Where to do clean-up?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering, what is the lifecycle of a Scene like? I wrote a plugin to draw some stuff on screen in Scene_Map. I did that by creating some sprites an adding them to the scene's children. Now menu windows are partially transparent in the game but I do not want the things I...
  12. Different Tiles ingame than in the Editor?

    This is a bit off topic, but MZ appears to just be an upgraded MV. Will you be able to port projects fom MV to MZ?
  13. Passability Overlay?

    I was wondering whether there is some map overlay in the editor that shows the passability value for each square in the game? Just like in the Tileset tab in the database but overlaid on the maps I created.
  14. Different Tiles ingame than in the Editor?

    Ahhh, this explanation makes perfect sense. Thanks! Tough it does not make sense that the editor renders the maps differently than the game itself :( Can also confirm that it was not the fault of any plugins. I turned them all off and still found more spots that render differently in-game than...
  15. Different Tiles ingame than in the Editor?

    My custom plugins don't touch the mapdata so this only leaves Community_Basic, YEP_CoreEngine and YEP_MessageCore. That would fit. I have installed YEP_CoreEngine and YEP_MessageCore only just yesterday, though I would not expect such a big and well known plugin as YEP_CoreEngine and...

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