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  1. Language Filter

    Thank you Sixth! By changing it to a global switch it works exactly as I was hoping it would, and thank you for your insights into scripting, Andar, thank you for directing me towards the Learn Ruby section, found loads of useful information there to :) Looks like I'm trying to run before I...
  2. Language Filter

    My apologies, both of the methods are called by events in the game (screenshot below) but the assignment of class is something I not aware of how to do for something like this Also, both are evented as "Script: methodq()" and "Script: method_adult()"
  3. Language Filter

    So, pretty new to scripting from scratch and am working on something which I think should be simple. So this part of the script is supposed to set weather or not the language filter is on and display the right message depending;   This is the test method, which is supposed to show...
  4. Revival Item Help

    Hi guys, So this is a screenshot of the revival item in question; But when I try to use it on a "Death" state actor it doesn't work, it plays the error SE and does not revive or heal said actor... what am I missing? Thanks in advance :) I'm an idiot and have just spotted my...
  5. Class change in game

    Beautiful, all sorted now thank you!
  6. Class change in game

    Hi gang, So I've put together this event page at the end of my intro the first part, which is working, assigns the correct actor based on a choice of male/ female and changes your name if you want Next it is suppose to allow you to select from one of four classes (screenshot shows two...
  7. Script calls and in game variables

    This... Wonderful piece of information, I broke the script into three lines at each comma as you suggested and amended my errors, all working now, Thanks everyone! Think we can close this up now :)
  8. Script calls and in game variables

    ok so I realize now that theres was very little information in my first post, sorry Any ways I have now attached a snap of the error itself and one of the event I'm working on My goal is to have obj1 value be equal to that of variable 1 (Slimey Slimes) Thanks again guys :)
  9. Script calls and in game variables

    Thank you Andar, that is something I didn't realize, I will test this and get back to you :)  
  10. Script calls and in game variables

    Apologies, as I said I am new here, I'll be more careful about where I post in future. Here is a link to Vlues pastebin where the script I'm using is
  11. Script calls and in game variables

    Hey guys, new to the forum so not sure if I'm posting in the right place but here goes. Pretty new to RPG Maker, but I do some knowledge of other languages... heres my question: I'm using Vlues Basic Quest Control system, and within it he has set a script call for "set_obj(:questid...

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