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  1. Basic Game Time + Night/Day

    Thanks I'll try that, but earlier I tried this:  "Variables!? You can do that! If you wanted to set a variable to the current time you can use the script call: $game_variables[]=(variable id, GameTime::hour?) to set variable id to the hour $game_variables[]=(variable id, GameTime::minute?) to...
  2. Basic Game Time + Night/Day

    Hey, someone probably asked this already, but I want to make it so that right as this certain event or script occurs, the time changes. How exactly can one do that? Please and thank you.
  3. PRX Ace - Static Parameter Changes

    Hey, I really want to use this script, but my computer can't read it.
  4. Skill Costs

    The visual stuff is the exact reason to have his, along with the ability to have hp cost as well. And sometimes, I'd want things to cost hp, mp and tp  or even gold(or any combination of two). The default system will only show one of them three, so you don't know what happens to your other stats...
  5. Skill Costs

    I don't see why more people are interested in this. This script is amazing. I'd really appreciate it if you could find a way to make this compatible with Yanfly's Skill Cost script. Both of yours are very useful. But it's a shame that I have to either sacrifice convenience (his script) or...
  6. Zero Division Error

    Every now and then, the game crashes with the message: "Script 'Window_Selectable' line 61: ZeroDivisionError occurred. divided by 0." When I go to Window_Selectable line 61, all I have is this:   [(item_max + col_max - 1) / col_max, 1].max
  7. Dekita - Perfect Stat Point Distribution system

    Haha, yeah, there was the other thing script you had. I didn't have it then, that's why I couldn't possibly add the stat points or whatever you call them to any of the characters, no matter how much they leveld up.
  8. Dekita - Perfect Stat Point Distribution system

    I have to be missing something here because when I open my menu up, it looks nothing like the picture you have at the top of the first page here. In fact, it looks exactly like the default VX Ace screen. There's no menu slot where I can go to to raise the stats. I added both the script download...

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