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    [Bug] Message Window Preview Not Updating?

    I figured out why this is happening. It seems to be related to the font size and how fast the font is loading in the editor preview. So if you close preview and open again it will just display normally from there on. So it seems to be something that is only happening once. I only got it to...
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    [Bug/Feedback] Take a good look at the RTP one more time...

    Hello, this can be fixed but since there are too many assets the JP dev team could be missing them. If we can get a clean list we'll fix them all ASAP.
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    RPG Maker MZ - v1.1.0 Update

    Confirmed, thanks for the bug report :)
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    WindowSkin Texture Bleeding

    The reason this happens is some parts were missed in the rounding fix from the other issue. It's the same issue.
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    [Bug] [FIX INSIDE] Text and actor faces extremely blurry sometimes due to non-integer coordinates

    Thank you everyone and especially @coyotecraft for taking your time to send me some test graphics. I just want to be sure I'm seeing the issue before submission. We're still investigating this issue! EDIT: Temporarily we added a better fix in VisuStella Core Engine while we wait for an...
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    Aren't RPG maker's Sprite Sheets very limiting?

    You either animate it using effekseer or you use a multiple frames plugin.
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    remove loopbyID command...
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    Announcement RPG Maker MV KADOKAWA Freebies 2019!

    Whatever you see in the EULA translation here is what KADOKAWA wanted. There should be no difference between EN and JP EULA unless they updated it. From what I read, it's not that different. I did brought it up before with them if they're sure they just want this for MV and they said yes.
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    How to install Tiled and use it in RPG Maker MZ

    It is in If you download the MV version there is also a PDF. It's the same function as MZ version except now you can use the latest one and group them in folders.
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    MZ blurring animation images

    Make sure that your images are at power of 2 or even number dimensions or it will become blurry.
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    [Suggestion] Webp Support

    I was looking for that site but had no luck so I had to rely on latest articles LOL.; And yes, I am aware, that's why I always check for web browser support first if it's worth supporting already. We don't want premature implementation of features.
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    Clouds of Rain

    I temporarily moved this to commercial games. Is it commercial? Completed Games are only for games with downloads and free.
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    Announcement RPG Maker MV KADOKAWA Freebies 2019!

    The EULA for these assets are stricter. If it says MV only that's unfortunately the only maker you can use it on.
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    [Suggestion] Webp Support

    This might be hard to support because not every browser or device supports this either: As of September 2020 the latest news I can found about WebP
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    [Bug] [FIX INSIDE] Text and actor faces extremely blurry sometimes due to non-integer coordinates

    Can you give me a small test project (bare minimum resources) where this can be emulated 100%? It's just easier to bring it up to dev team and test it ourselves.

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