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    Use Map Charsets as SV Battlers

    I have more than 150 charset (so *8) to edit... It's not an option ...
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    Use Map Charsets as SV Battlers

    Is it possible to use Map Charsets as SV battlers ? I know that a Victore Engin's Plugin allowed to do it on VXace and MV. Did anyone know a was to do it without a lot of editting or a plugin that allow it ? Thank you by advance.
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    Battlers depending on Event we met.

    Really interesting plugin but it's not what i'm looking for. If you played to Pokemon, you should understand what I mean. I basically want that, if two different events are trigged at the same time, they produce a battle with the two events at the same time without having to event a lot to do...
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    Battlers depending on Event we met.

    Hi ! I'm looking for a plugin wich do the same thing as when we are attacked by two trainer in Pokemon. They can only spot the player if he pass in front of them (in line) and they can rotate (making the detection line rotating too). Also, if the player walk on two detections lines at the same...
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    RMMZ (MZ & MV) Random Maps during Playtime (May Update)

    @Aerosys I'll try but I'm afraid that i'll never be able to have this kind of result Procedurally generated : (Don't mind the apendice at the right. I just didn't filled the entier map with blocks but I don't need it specifically) If you have a solution for me, I'm totally listening ! Btw...
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    RMMZ (MZ & MV) Random Maps during Playtime (May Update)

    @Aerosys You're welcome ! I mean, the map must be an exact 17x13 multiple in hight or width without any tile between each block and around. Like a big block from 17x13 to 255x247 for the biggest possible. The scroll scales on 17x13 so if there is a tile of separation between blocks, a shift of 1...
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    RMMZ (MZ & MV) Random Maps during Playtime (May Update)

    Hi ! I hope you're still working on your project today. Your Procedural Map Dungeon is really what I need except for 1 little thing wich is the reason of my message. I use an auto map scrolling Zelda Like on my current project but each block need tofeet with the screen wich is 17x13 tiles (like...
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    Action Sequence Loops 1.10

    Amazing plugin ! Is there any way to break a loop ?
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    Multiple Weapon Type for a Weapon

    If i had only these 2 weapons on the game yeah. But i have a lot more ! If i do like so, i would have 200+ Weapon Types, and like i said, with the Irina's Weapon Switch Plugin, each Weapon Type become an Equipement Slot for a weapon... So i would be able to equip every weapon of the game at the...
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    Multiple Weapon Type for a Weapon

    Hi everyone ! I'm searching for a way to have a single weapon with more that 1 weapon type. I'm using a plugin from Irina : weapon switch (from otcopath battle system) that allow me to switch between weaponsdynamically during the battle. But i only can switch between 2 weapons with differents...
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    Yanfly Action Séquence Macros?

    Thank you so much ! That's exactly what i was looking for. I'll give it a try.
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    Yanfly Action Séquence Macros?

    Hi everyone ! It is possible to do ActSec macro ? I copy / past a lot of similar lines in every Action Sequence i made for m'y game and each time i need to change something i need to modify this part of the actseq for EVERY single skill using this similar part... Something like à macro would...
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    Multiple weapon and armor types.

    Up. I need it too. I use Octopath Battle plugin. It allow to equip different Weapons Types and switch between them. The problem is that 1 slot = 1 weapon type. So let's take this exemple: I have : Sword andSpear (WType = 1) Bow and Gun (WType = 2) I can equip the Sword OR the Spear and the Bow...
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    Random Item Prefixes & Suffixes

    I have a problem... I don't know why, every items with a Suffixe that give <prefixSuffixParameters: MHP 1|10> or whateve param gives "Undefined" at the end of the weapon's name... Someone know why ? And is there a way to give random special parameters ? Like %cri, %cev, %pha ect...

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