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  1. After 3 hours I made it...

    Before anything; my only java coding experience is from code academy first 2 or 3 courses... from 6 months ago. I also don't know MV terms even though there are very useful lists they don't always have the example you need. So I was trying to create a skill check for a variable to be usable...
  2. Orange Mapshot

    Any solution to not having water in the screenshot?
  3. I'm 22 and still live with parents

    I moved out at 25, no particular skills or classes. Struggling and stuck with jobs I don't like every since but I am living on my own at least. I just wish I would have went ahead and got a class that I want now but I have car and appartment payments and barely have money left at the end of the...
  4. Opinions and Question...?

    Simple discussion about what the ideal settings of a game would be for you, if a discussion like this was ever created them I am sorry, I am fairly sure many of them were asked in help sections though. l-Rare drops... should normal monsters drop them or only bosses and what should the rates...
  5. Heal empowerement...?

    The tag is written in the worn weapon's Note window. Must have edited that in too late lol I am retarded lol, New game Heal ID is 8 not 23 it works in the new game but appears to interfer with one plugin from Yanfly, I'll just do some testing to see where it needs to be in the list, thanks a...
  6. Heal empowerement...?

    I can read some code and understand it but honestly can't make my own and most of them time I have no clue what I'm actually doing lol...   This seems so amazing but for unknown reasons doesn't work even in a fresh project with no plugins other than VE_BasicModule and...
  7. Heal empowerement...?

    How can I make an item boost a skill effectiveness? I've been trying to figure something for a while but can't seem to find a solution. I have many of Yanfly's plugins (would be shorter to say which I don't have if a list is really requested... yeah...) Would I need to make it so the item...
  8. When enemy Max HP is increased it isn't full at battle start

    Thanks, this works well! :D   There is no "recover hp" in MV, only a recover all. I did try to heal based off of a Variable though and it works perfectly fine, thank you! :D  I have two solutions now! ^^
  9. When enemy Max HP is increased it isn't full at battle start

    Can not find a plugin for this sadly. :/ I never touched anything related to scripts when it comes to RPG Maker so I have no idea what I need to change to which value, thank you for trying to help but I am really noobie about these things.   I just don't understand why it works in my other...
  10. When enemy Max HP is increased it isn't full at battle start

    No, I created a state which changes the Max HP. I do understand it is Max HP but I am puzzled because in another project the monsters were full HP using this, in that one they aren't and it's the exact same changes.
  11. When enemy Max HP is increased it isn't full at battle start

    Basically what the title says. I made varying difficulty settings which used to work in another project though in that one for unknown reasons the enemies HPs aren't full and if I add an "enemy recover all" it reverts their stats to the original ones. Anyone know of a fix to this? For now I...
  12. Facial mask for MV

    @slimmmeiske2 this is pretty close actually, thank you! This mask doesn't seem to be on this site which confuses me even more as I don't recall visiting other websites for resources simply for safety purposes... Oh well that other mask can do very well, thanks!
  13. Facial mask for MV

    Sadly I do not :(  I'm not too hopeful to find it again as I think it was something from very close to the day MV was released, but maybe someone will see this and have it. Edit: It looked slightly like Bane's mask (without the part going over the head), just the part covering the mouth...
  14. Facial mask for MV

    I had a mask looking a bit like Bane's mask ((Bane from Batman) it was in one of the accessories tab of MV Character Generator) but completely reinstalled MV due to lag issues and didn't think about saving the resources. I've been searching for it for days but no good results are showing up...
  15. Lag or?

    They are, I install them while watching the video and even pause to make sure they are in the right order. :/ Edit: After testing I have found the problem to be with ATB and/or CTB plugins. They work relatively better in my other project, not perfectly but better and I don't know why...

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