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  • Probably sticking with Ace, even if I did upgrade my OS. Interested in seeing the plugins though :/
    Silent Darkness
    Silent Darkness
    ......i'm highly tempted to refer to it as VM from now on.

    Like it's a virtual machine.
    Check official blog, they're releasing videos show casing some plugins.
    ^ Which it isn't. You have to compile for a particular format each time. And I'll stick to Ace too. At least for the moment ;)
    Playing the Pokemon Hardgold mod
    blaze black/volt white 1 and 2 are better
    Thanks, I'll check it out. Well I'm actually playing Hardgold 2. But yeah, I already have White 2, and my laptop doesn't run gen 5 as well as gen 4, but I can still see.
    I may have it so there are 25 hours in a day so that I can have 5 timezones to load instead of 6. I already made it so that there are 14 days in a month haha. Man but 4-hour-apart timezones would help because what if I wanted to have it so that you spend a timezone at a bar? 4 hours is a lot less rediculous than 5. Ugh.
    Currently I have 6am, 12pm, 6pm, 10pm, and 1am for timezones. Meaning, when 6am hits while time is running, the screen will fade then the map/characters will update and timezone-based events will occur. They're so that instead of having it so that at 1pm, the blacksmith leaves his house and takes a walk, you can simply have it so that when you're in the 12pm timezone, he is outside and not in his shop
    But who wants the map to fade in/out and reload itself 6 times a day? That would get annoying. And eventing 6 different timezones would be a hassle.
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Good morning all. I still have a post up on video editing for cinematic trailers. Please make sure to check that out and give me a message as its still active in offers.
Hey everyone! I'm back :D

Snow White? More like Snowhere to be seen amiright? Hahaha I'm so sorry!! :kaocry:
I'm working on a modding system of my game and I screw the game up, so hard that I have to access my backup in my hard drive ;-;
Stop shutting the damn power down! Why always like this
Working on a slightly experimental horror game. It will be finished in approximately 88888888888 years.
Y'all will enjoy it though, I put lots of effort into making it stand out.

It's called Red Light and it's inspired by another obscure RPG Maker horror game, but I don't want to give too much away just yet.

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