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  • Probably sticking with Ace, even if I did upgrade my OS. Interested in seeing the plugins though :/
    Silent Darkness
    Silent Darkness
    ......i'm highly tempted to refer to it as VM from now on.

    Like it's a virtual machine.
    Check official blog, they're releasing videos show casing some plugins.
    ^ Which it isn't. You have to compile for a particular format each time. And I'll stick to Ace too. At least for the moment ;)
    Playing the Pokemon Hardgold mod
    blaze black/volt white 1 and 2 are better
    Thanks, I'll check it out. Well I'm actually playing Hardgold 2. But yeah, I already have White 2, and my laptop doesn't run gen 5 as well as gen 4, but I can still see.
    I may have it so there are 25 hours in a day so that I can have 5 timezones to load instead of 6. I already made it so that there are 14 days in a month haha. Man but 4-hour-apart timezones would help because what if I wanted to have it so that you spend a timezone at a bar? 4 hours is a lot less rediculous than 5. Ugh.
    Currently I have 6am, 12pm, 6pm, 10pm, and 1am for timezones. Meaning, when 6am hits while time is running, the screen will fade then the map/characters will update and timezone-based events will occur. They're so that instead of having it so that at 1pm, the blacksmith leaves his house and takes a walk, you can simply have it so that when you're in the 12pm timezone, he is outside and not in his shop
    But who wants the map to fade in/out and reload itself 6 times a day? That would get annoying. And eventing 6 different timezones would be a hassle.
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I'm really sorry I haven't done any streams. I actually just got home from the hospital after a week and a half.
I'm not dead - I promise :stickytongue:

Anyway, some pokemon inspired art (dont ask me which one tho xD)
Writing boss music for Pale Coins. This is the Goblin Mage's theme!

I've been trying to upload more video tutorials for RMMZ lately! Does anyone have a topic they'd like to see covered? :ehappy:

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