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  • Unfortunately, while trying to run an app I needed (curse you, Adobe!), my laptop blacked out, so my data got wiped when I got it repaired. Stuff like facesets are saved in my drive, but my sprites now only exist as screenshots I've taken in the past :kaocry:To be fair, I'm a little relieved, since I've been feeling unsatisfied with the visual style of the character sprites, and I guess I can now revamp them?
    I now understand that curse you guys are talking about, I've got 2 more ideas on the backlog, and I haven't even finished my first game :kaocry: (still working on sprites lol)
    Not game dev related, but I just subscribed to Dracula Daily (emails you chapters of the book on the day it is "written"), and man, reading this book is hilarious as a modern reader. Jonathan wondering why people cross themselves and weep when he speaks about the count, then turning around to ask his "good friend Dracula" about it is pure comedy.

    (Also, I think it's a genius way of promoting the classics)
    That's genius :o
    Is this the Bram Stoker novel getting sent in line with the dates in Jonathan's journal and letters and etc? Why didn't I think of that???
    Yep, it's exactly that! (Pretty much the only emails I enjoy recieving, haha)
    Starting to set up social media accounts, hopefully I'll make enough material by the time I've finalized stuff
    Debating whether to try drawing the RTP in 12x12 style since the idea's been stuck in my head for a bit.... hm...
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    I had been working on a 16x16 style stuff a while back (though more original) and it was fun and freeing in it's own way.
    I'd be curious to see what you'd make in a 12x12.
    I'm not well versed into the battle/technical stuff, but after playing some Legends Arceus, I was wondering how'd the Agile/Strong Styles work in RPG Maker, since they really do add an additional layer to strategy. We already have a lot of ATB/CTB/etc plugins, so I wonder how one would go implementing something that can edit the action speed of each attack while in battle.
    While not entirely what you're describing, maybe something like this could work?

    I did a couple minutes of Googling and didn't see anything about turn speeds other than the same 'you go, enemy go, you go, enemy go' that the combat normally has.
    oh yeah babey we got a title screen set up :kaopride:

    (also doubles as a preview of the cast)

    [optimize output image]
    Current progress for one of the rooms, feels good to be working on my game again :kaophew:
    finally got out of finals, setting up the basic layout of the combat screen

    still got a lot of work to do, since i only have the full draft animated sprites for 2 actors + i gotta work on custom windows, icons, enemies, animations, etc., but i feel it's a solid foundation :kaopride:

    ahohohoho resize.gif
    finished the draft of some of this dude's motions!


    gonna work on the drafts of the other 3 now before i put detail, need to position these rather tall sprites well on the field

    waiting for the term to end so i can get more time w this :kaodes:
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An acting colleague of mine asked if I wanted to translate a script of 88 pages from English to a different language. 88 pages. For free!! What?!
If you guys wonder why I hardly ever help anyone anymore... Im going to be on here even less. Thank the trolls for that.
New update for Battle Castle: Shadow from the Past A Shadow's Echo. No gameplay changes or new content, but lots of things got renamed, including the game title, for extra immersion. Some things related to sound too, like activating chests and taking things.
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Meet my new mascot. He's also a mimic! No prizes for guessing this guy's name, though, haha
I put out a new pack and I swear, I did not realize how it looks like the ones on the right are scared/nervous of the one on the left until way after o_O I just wanted to showcase some of them randomly xD

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