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  • finally got out of finals, setting up the basic layout of the combat screen

    still got a lot of work to do, since i only have the full draft animated sprites for 2 actors + i gotta work on custom windows, icons, enemies, animations, etc., but i feel it's a solid foundation :kaopride:

    ahohohoho resize.gif
    finished the draft of some of this dude's motions!


    gonna work on the drafts of the other 3 now before i put detail, need to position these rather tall sprites well on the field

    waiting for the term to end so i can get more time w this :kaodes:
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Still alive! Totally did not finish in time for the Jam (boy that's late) but tl;dr of the last half a year is Work term -> Covid Lockdown -> Sick... again -> Full time Employment. Game stuff has been on hiatus but got a new graphics tablet so hopefully updates again soon. =D
Going on hiatus. Won't be back until mid October.:LZSoops:
Just read the English lyrics for Despacito. Ramen aint innocent no more! :kaodes:
Well today was blown away with nothing to show for it. I made a new character to my game who I was going to have a protection mechanic where he protects my main character randomly unless it's a critical, and no matter what, to check if an attack received will be critical, means checking the apply method. This means rewriting the entire method and I refused to do that.

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