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    [Temporarily Closed] Crazy_Leen's Pose & Animation Workshop

    This is no problem, take all you time you'll Need. Nice to hear again from you, looking forward to the results. :)
  2. Arteria

    Hover Board / Bike

    Yes this looks awesome! Keep it up, im really looking forward to more results like this!
  3. Arteria

    Hover Board / Bike

    Bump* i was asking me if you are working on this?
  4. Arteria

    Avy's Icon Workshop [Update Jan 2021]

    Oww perfect avy thanks! :3
  5. Arteria

    Game & Map Screenshots 7

    This is the character choose for a fantasy game in german. I tried to do something like diablo, but this isnt finished yet.
  6. Arteria

    Sprite Edit Request

    Please check first the terms befor you use them.
  7. Arteria

    Car driving script request/question (GTA Style)

    Bump - anyone got some car scripts?
  8. Arteria

    [Temporarily Closed] Crazy_Leen's Pose & Animation Workshop

    All Would be nice, if this is Not too much..
  9. Arteria

    [Temporarily Closed] Crazy_Leen's Pose & Animation Workshop

    Hey Leen, i would need for my two main characters i pose like the sprite at the top right: [Removed] They should stretch the Glove forward. do you understand what I mean? Looking forward. Arteria
  10. Arteria

    Hover Board / Bike

    Yes of course you can! Another thing could you do a Charset where the board gets higher from the ground? So i can do a animation when the player mount on the board. EDIT: Can SOmeone do me the flying hair thing. with both characters like here:
  11. Arteria

    Hover Board / Bike

    Wow thanks a lot!!! This Look awesome and you are Sure you cant do the bike? :P ;)
  12. Arteria

    Hover Board / Bike

    I got good feedback with the borders, looks better to the character, would prefer this version and yes the shadows also :)
  13. Arteria

    Hover Board / Bike

    Oh okay perfect! yes would you add the border like mine? if not i can do it but my own.. Thanks!
  14. Arteria

    Hover Board / Bike

    I did the sprite larger and added a shadow, i think this look better in game.I tried it right with a border.. Which one is better? Did you have new results? EDIT: With stepping animation
  15. Arteria

    Hover Board / Bike

    Haha Nice, 8dir ist Not a must. I will add the characters by my Own. Edit: this can work. Maybe you give the board a border like the char.

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