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  • You know what's more awesome than having your air conditioner break, on a Sunday, during the summer, in Texas? Probably a lot of things.
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    Little late to mention, but try hanging a wet thin-blanket or a sheet over the window screens/screen door. The night breeze will go through the wet fabric cooling the room faster. Had to do this all the time at my gram's antiquated farmstead.
    I mean, you could have your whole city block out of power while the one right in front of you still has their street lights shining through the open window that you can't close because there's not the slightest breeze.
    .....and you've been baking in the same room, with the sun hitting full on the back wall, for the whole day.
    As a fellow Texan, I'm sorry.

    @gstv87 That might a scenario Texans will be facing. The electric grid has not been fixed and we've been warned of the potential of rolling blackouts today.
    Finally got around to developing the "Combination Skills" battle mechanic that has been on my to-do list for a while now:
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Not today... Not today...
I guess I should send my CV to Hasbro. I've made Monopoly cheaters edition more fun and challenging. I've developed custom cheats and chest/chance cards for it. And I've cleared many nightmares through my cards and rules.
I'm only missing 2 more bgms for my game but maaaaan, searching for these tracks is killing me. Can't find anything good to replace MZ's Theme 2 and Scene 5 I have as placeholders. Everything is too epic or too evil or too alarming. That 'scene 5' track in particular would fit nicely with my scene. Well, at least I finally figured what my last click-fest of a gameplay element will be like, so something positive :D
Finding new interesting stuff to make for the resource calendar becomes harder every year D:
FINALLY got the mood system in the game during battle. Since the game is called Panic Attack, I figured you should have certain moods present including Panic. so the main 3 or Hype, Depressed, and Anxious. Panic is only when stunned.

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