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  • Can I still be part of the Santa hat gang if the little ball thingy is out of frame?
    I went outside to go buy some dinner, and discovered that the police have put another "abandoned vehicle" warning notice on my car... At this point, I can only assume I'm being harassed.
    Ok so I looked at Arthran's previous post
    about his car and it IS the police doing it.
    Wow. Now I REALLY feel stupid for the
    impulsive remark I made.
    If parking someplace else and the activity continues to happen, you could you try to report it to the county board, the state governor's office, or state police district headquarters Division of Internal Investigation. Not trying to push anti-police sentiment, but I'd sooner trust the county board or the state governor's office. Document everything, it'll help when it comes down to their word against yours.
    Why did Pawsplay leave an angry response
    to this thread? I don't get it.
    The police stole my car ;_;
    @Philosophus Vagus That must have sucked pretty bad. Sorry that happened to you. I hope things are going better now. Fortunately, my situation isn't that serious. I wasn't really planning to have to pay an impound fee this week, so I'm kinda annoyed, but it's not going to result in me starving or anything like that.
    o_O So would a thief give it back to you?
    Nope, don't hire one!
    The management at the vehicle storage facility never got around to pricing my car today, so I can't go get it out of impound yet. That's very convenient for them, considering that the price increases by $30 for every day that it's there.
    Hello, Delphi, my old friend.
    I've come to code with you again.

    Using Delphi for the first time in years was an interesting experience.
    Ugh... someone gave me COVID for Christmas, and they didn't even include a receipt so that I could exchange it for something else...
    You know what's more awesome than having your air conditioner break, on a Sunday, during the summer, in Texas? Probably a lot of things.
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    Little late to mention, but try hanging a wet thin-blanket or a sheet over the window screens/screen door. The night breeze will go through the wet fabric cooling the room faster. Had to do this all the time at my gram's antiquated farmstead.
    I mean, you could have your whole city block out of power while the one right in front of you still has their street lights shining through the open window that you can't close because there's not the slightest breeze.
    .....and you've been baking in the same room, with the sun hitting full on the back wall, for the whole day.
    As a fellow Texan, I'm sorry.

    @gstv87 That might a scenario Texans will be facing. The electric grid has not been fixed and we've been warned of the potential of rolling blackouts today.
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made a face sprite for the little guy using default cat for comparison, I'm rather pleased with how it turned out!

Playing arounnd with NUUN's Battle Result as a VS Victory Aftermath alternative. Loving it so far despite the learning curve (there are a LOT of parameters)


Just have to figure out how to addin sub class progress.
Partitito's story is supposed to be about defeating poverty while thinking he is a capitalist with socialist ideas. But it's really about stories of redemption and perseverance.
Who would have thought an idea like "I wanna put the character bio in the equip screen" would turn into a bunch of work and fun collaboration @Puppet Knight . Now my Equip/Character screen is the way I want it.
Screenshot 2023-12-03 194313.png
Just one more week of grinding through semester finals and I'll be able to actually work on some games and stuff. Hopefully I'll be able to work on my game document to actually have my ideas somewhere outside of my cranium of madness.

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