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    How Can I Detect If Player Is Running?

    Well, that means if you don't hold Shift you are dashing. Which is the same as my example, but simply the opposite. :D Simply reverse the conditions. :D Same result, only this time if you hold shift, you are not dashing anymore. :D Edit : Oops, you meant you "as player". My bad :kaoswt2...
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    How Can I Detect If Player Is Running?

    Shift is default for dashing, it is availble in the conditionnal branch. :) Solution works, but the flaw would be if the player knows about that, he can simply hold shift while activating said event. I did some eventing tests and this would work best I think : ◆Loop ◆Control...
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    Need help displaying map info

    I'm not familiar with VX Ace, but you could simply use an image and show it for as long as you want at the position you want?
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    [Solved] Scrolling test gone wrong

    My bad... I understood my problem. :kaoblush: So, the way the code is read, is simple but I didn't think this through. The error comes from the second condition "If left is pressed then..., else NoInput = ON" Since I'm pressing Right, the condition "If left is pressed then..., else NoInput =...
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    [Solved] Scrolling test gone wrong

    This is confusing xD This scrolling test is not implemented or engine dependend, but I guess it was the wrong forum. :( Ok, I'll try and set it in English then, some translations are confusing, even to me, in French anyway. ^^ Thanks for trying to help, as I'm clueless to why it works for...
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    [Solved] Scrolling test gone wrong

    Boucle is indeed loop. The loop ends after the 1 frame next to the update. "Répéter ci-dessus" means Repeat. The event is set in parrallel mode since it requires to run indefinitely (for now at least). I'm not sure a break loop would help, because it would mean I need to call the event again...
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    [Solved] Scrolling test gone wrong

    Hello, I'm testing some scrolling experience, and I'm having an issue with the utter basics that is the velocity X. I know the principals of using Velocity X and Y to move an object (or image) through eventing, however I seem to have an issue and I can't lay my finger on it. So I thought the...
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    RMMZ Custom Battle System

    I made some updates to it, included a basic hud and an improved UI. Deleted the text based action and replaced it with HUD updates. As of now I'm using 24 common events, 38 variables and 13 switches. So, seeing the limits are 2000 common events and 5000 variables/switches I'm using about 0.2 to...
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    RMMZ Custom Battle System

    I'm sorry, I thought it was random enough for a general discussion. I'll be more careful next time. :) @Frogboy Thanks for your reply, I indeed thought it would be better for the wider audiance aswell as being a good experience for me. The idea is to have an UI based "pocket version" of the...
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    RMMZ Custom Battle System

    Hello everyone, As I'm finally going for my first game (Cupidi Arx), I was thinking to chose between the original/classic battle system from the engine itself or try and make one myself. Turns out, I'm not a good scripter, so the challenge was to use events and common events only. I made it...
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    Screen Variables

    I am and I want to say thank you very much! Very neat little plugin but so powerfull! :kaohi: Did a test for a simple timer effect : Can't get any simpler than this. :D
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    The Modified Mossy Top wall is a better grass than default grass .

    I love it, it's very nice and refreshing. Btw, your a2 file is half empty. Here is the full a2 file : Thanks for this edit, I'll use is right away. :)
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    Problem during fight (ennemy idle) [Solved]

    Ennemy has 9999 MP Each of those attacks cost like 20-30. Edit : I just tried to set Ennemy MP and PT consumption to 0. He stay idle when <20% HP I'm clueless :( Edit : I used the command during battle to show TP and MP after each turn. Ennemy TP dropped below 5 and had no attacks to recover...
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    Problem during fight (ennemy idle) [Solved]

    I created a post earlier, but removed it because I thought it was fixed... But it's not. :( I don't really understand what's happening. The way I set up my ennemy pattern is like this : (Attack and Slam are twice, because I tried to set up per HP trench, as this wasn't working with Slam 0~50%...
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    I understand, thanks for all your work. I will figure a way out. :)

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