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  • Made a great looking website from a DIY WYSIWYG sight. Has a blog and everything. Glad I did what I usually do and checked customer reviews before whipping out the CC. Turns out they have HORRID billing practices (double charging, slipping services into you cart you didn't ask for, auto renewal you can't cancel like AVG, not honoring service cancellation or refund). Look great and I'm out two days of hard work. Just glad I didn't lose money. Please always check third party reviews on a different site before you make any purchase ever. That's my advice for the day... uggg
    I'll give it a shot. The price surely looks right. Thanks. So you use it for your jewelry thing?
    If you mean the hosting, yes. I'm setting up with an ecommerce solution for my jewelry, altough that's somewhat on hold with Canada Post going on strike and all. I also have my game dev website with them, using wordpress.
    UPS went on strike once a great many years ago. I was too young to really remember what all went wrong. Well, I have a wife... you'll have to link me to your site when you get your ecommerce up and running. Hey, thanks for all the help.
    Making a website for my project. Maps... maps... more maps... convert xp to sideview battler... sleep, rinse and repeat. Zombied... man. I'm going to bed. Leave me alone. Til tomorrow.
    How do I get the sprinkles on to to stay after I bake it?

    I tried <sprinkles_locked: true> in the oven's note tags, but they just keep falling off... Any help? PLEASE?
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Gonna announce the OCC3 winners tomorrow. Though really you can just go look at the polls and tell :)
Ooh, profile banners! I like.
what's the difference between a trailer and a teaser trailer...?
This profile banner thing is great! Not sure on the size needed, but it's still a nice feature.

Made mine nice and edgy because I'm still 15 at heart.

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