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  •  I may actually have something I can put into the Boss Battle Build Bout by the time it’s due. It won’t be anything spectacular (or even great (and maybe not even good (I have no idea how to do combat (yay for nested parentheses)))), but I might have a submission none the less.
     …I think I might need to switch from standard ATK/DEF up/down buffs to parameter altering states. I just had an actor whose usual attack against an enemy does ~25 do a buffed attack against a debuffed enemy for ~600… — My initial test project, made to teach myself the basics. Did it around two months ago in about five days (with a few tweaks before posting here). Short thing, maybe ten minutes of playtime at most. The whole thing is basically a miniquest and a few micropuzzles with one fight at the end. (Note: Poke at everything.)
    Only downsides: without the warning in the original post above, it wouldn't have occurred to me to poke on all the inanimate objects outside the houses, and one of the fighters was pretty badly balanced for combat (he missed his shots every time).

    Nevertheless, good job as a first "try".
    The only thing I did to the default classes was take any extra skills or spells off so you could learn a few of them in the town. If something seemed poorly balanced or just couldn’t hit anything, blame either the RNG or Gotcha Gotcha Games. ^.~
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    Please make a post in Completed Games (or Games in Development) to share your game and get feedback. The status feed isn't really a good place for it.
    My current project is far enough along to warrant at least a status post. I’ll do a proper thread later.

    Plot summary: When an empire bent on conquest attempts to fulfill a prophecy which would ensure their victory, another group sets out to fulfill it first.

    Mechanics ideas:
    » No levels
    » Players raise stats and unlock skills in towns
    » Minimal numeric progression on equipment
    » Party leader will affect events
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In one of my game projects, I am working on an arena where you can fight combatants or bet on monsters, and, man, it is taking so long, lmao. I do not think that it helps that I am using an evented combat system with a lot of things that I have to edit.

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