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    Announcement RPG Maker 31st Birthday: Release Something Event

    @Archeia, @Touchfuzzy when will the lottery winners be announced?
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    Map Madness, Round 1, Match G Poll: 1. WaywardMartian 2. Asterleena

    @WaywardMartian, it was meant to be a fox town so no humans. Haydeos made the houses. I really like your map, it gives me a sense of adventure and mystery :rhappy:.
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    Map Madness Qualifiers, Entry 11 Poll (Asterleena)

    Thanks for the feedback @hiddenone and @Quexp! The idea of the map was supposed to be an old abandoned campsite and as soon as I sent in my entry I wondered, "If the campsite has been abandoned for so long, why is there a fishing hole? It should have frozen over by now!" Something I've never...
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    Map Madness Tournament Announcement/Rules!

    @Aesica, thanks for the feedback. I'm not really sure how I could have fixed the sheen on the lake, since there weren't any other iced up water tiles. I'll have to come up with a way to fix "this ground looks tiled" syndrome.
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    Map Madness Tournament Announcement/Rules!

    @hiddenone, could you comment on my map please? (#11)
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    Announcement RPG Maker 31st Birthday: Release Something Event

    @Archeia Here's my submission for the game catagory. I have also made maps, a demo and a boss battle for the other catagories. I put them as downloads on the same game page, because I wasn't sure where else...
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    RMMV [RSE] Kingdom Quest

    Synopsis: For years, the evil imposter Hendrick had tried to claim the kingdom for his own, with little success. King Edmund had managed to hold him off, up until now. During an attack on the King’s Palace, King Edmund was slain alongside his wife, Isabel. Their only son, Prince James, has been...
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    Original Character Contest 3 MV Submissions!

    Name: Faronduil Title: The Ruthless Age: 25 yrs Background: Faronduil is the dreaded leader of the Savagers, a group of outcasts who plan to take over the world. He delights in war; his goal is to wipe his enemies off the face of the planet. Being the leader of the Savagers has only served to...

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