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    RPG Maker MZ, Preview #2: Graphics, Mapping, Eventing!

    These new and improved features look so great! I really loved old mapping, I'm so glad it's back. The new RTP looks awesome too, many kudos to the artists! The fact that it's the same characters for modern and fantasy is such a good idea too. :kaoluv:
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    Icon Captions

    Window_IconCaption is an instance of Window_Base. You can alias the initialize method to change lineheight and text formatting if you want to. You'll have to do that on your own however.
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    Icon Captions

    You can use all available message codes but must use "\\" instead of "\". I can't from the top of my head remember if such a text code is standard, but if it is you can use it.
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    Equipment Makes Classes

    Well, it can certainly be done in engine. Basically you'll have a common event run when exiting the menu that wil check the character's equipment and depending on the equipment will change the character's class accordingly. It will be very tedious however because you'll have to check slot per...
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    Non-traditional Armor Types

    I like my armor to do different things too besides stats so I'm currently exploring by essentially making all armor add layered health. Some characters have armor, a layer of hp that reduces damage but has to be repaired costing resources, other characters have barriers, which provide less...
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    A New RPG Maker draws near! Command?

    Hmmm. If it releases this summer it will be right in time with the end of my studies. I might try porting some of my plugins if I have the time. I'm excited about the new mapping, and can't wait to see what other new features are coming!
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    Game romance that's not your type?

    I'm a guy and I love playing as a female protagonist. For love interests I usually go with whatever character I feel the protagonist has more chemistry with, so sometimes it's gay sometimes it's straight. If I replay a game I'll change partners until I've gone through them all. I've played a few...
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    Animated busts and picture based animations.

    If your menu scene is evented and uses pictures yes, otherwise no.
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    Quick Time Events (R2 26/11)

    Use a conditionnal branch with script: $gameMap.getQTEResult() === "success" as a condition. This should do what you want.
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    how to insert automatically a bunch of data with "for" into an array?

    Your syntax is all over the place. You define actorName as a string that will contain an actor's name and in the line below you call it as a function with actorName(i). You just need to push the currently defined actorName inside the loop. That's not the error you're getting though. It sounds...
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    [MV] Level up each parameter individually with no overall actor level

    This hardly seems like it'd need a plugin, can't you just not use the level system and use the parameter increase event command ?
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    needed coder for game

    So you're telling us that you can't be bothered to learn how to put images in a post (there's an attach image button or use an image hosting website like imgur), can't be bothered putting in a detailed description of what you want and yet expect someone to spend hours of their life writing...
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    needed coder for game

    I strongly suggest you take a look at this thread.
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    transitions between images files without a blink

    Preload the picture sprite by showing it at 0 opacity at first. Picture B (0opacity) -> Picture A -> Picture B (255 opacity) I think this should work.
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    Where are the 'pictures' pixijs sprites stored? [solved]

    They are stored as children of the picture container object of the current scene's spriteset. SceneManager._scene._spriteset._pictureContainer.children[pictureId]

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