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  • Every time I try to make anything in Effekseer, it makes me wanna go back to Prominince 3D even more. I'll figure it out eventually.
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    Keep at it! I just started working through the Effekseer tutorials the other day. I've never used anything like it before and there's so much to learn! Looking forward to being able to create some cool custom animations though.
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    Yeah keeping it. Also if you cannot, remember there is MVanimation plugin for MZ for you to use lol. Anyway if you can do both that would be better for your imagination.
    I'm by no means a good artist, though I'm excited to be making my own battle sprites. I've always been a big fan of fighting games, so I'll be working more in that sort of a style. It's more of a personal project for fun, though.
    The character generator graphics in MZ look really rough. I honestly can't see myself using them over MV's, though perahps this just means it's time for me to start making my own walksprites. Fun fun.
    The Stranger
    The best thing about the new generator, in my opinion, is the inclusion of two unique down poses. If I were going to use generated characters, I'd probably just replaced the MZ stuff with the MV parts and bases.
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    RK DracoRoy
    RK DracoRoy
    At first, I was put off with facial features in MZ. And yeah, looking at MV, they look more accurate, more proper. When you want to recreate characters from MV to MZ, some are going to end up being a downgrade due to the two's very different art styles. There are a couple of options that look really off like the majority of eye designs for male. And several armored outfits. I want my characters to look decent.
    I really don't understand why they must change the style every time... -.-
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Experimented with different flame colors for mood lighting.
Plus many hours making assets.
I'm getting close...yet, still so far to go - and I've been documenting it. Watch my streams. I'm gonna rant about the RPG maker community tonight:
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New Challenger has arrived for battle... the Ybox 63 X... The upper body is just basically a Sega Saturn controller, for anyone who remembers what that looks like lol. You'll fight these at the local high school area.
I'm getting better at sleeptyping. Yesterday I typed something that didn't make sense at all contextually, but was a valid without any grammar errors (and almost no spelling ones).

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