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  1. I need resorces

    Thanks :), I'm using MV, but AI upscaling sounds nice! Edit Yep, it works! Thank you very much ^^
  2. I need resorces

    I'm looking for free enemy image resources for a front view battle system, specifically Human or humanoid enemies e.g. Humans, Elves, Draws and such. I like the style of VX Ace and wanted to use the resources first but the resolution is simply too low for my project which is 1920*1080 pixels...
  3. RMMV In need of a plugin!

    I would like to add a feature into my game that allows me to save my currently equipped weapons/armour and load that exact same setup at will from the equip scene. I was able to achieve that with Common Events triggered by Items or Skills, but that was far from a seeming less transition. So it...
  4. RMMV Devil's Dungeon 2: Development and Idea Threat

    yeah... I finished porting some stuff to MV... 99% of the rest to go... This is what it currently looks like: And yes... I will change a lot about it throughout the coming months.
  5. Synrec's State Stacker

    I found the source of most issues I've had! If the target has a greater or the same number of states applied to it as the maximum number of stacks of the state which you want to apply to it, the state will not be applied. This is what has been causing problems 2 and 3. For example, the skill...
  6. Synrec's State Stacker

    Ok... I just noticed... my post was a bit long... xD
  7. Synrec's State Stacker

    First of thank you for the plugin. It's really noice:awink: The part with the ATB has been deleted because it had no relation to this plugin. To assume incompatibility was a mistake on my part. Edit: While I absolutely love this plugin, I have found 5 game breaking issues with it. Issue Number...
  8. Synrec's State Stacker

    Thank you :) I got it to work now!!! UwU
  9. Removing Excessive Battle Messages

    You are a lifesaver. I just wanted you to know that, uwu.
  10. Synrec's State Stacker

    So... I'm still waiting for the demo...:rtear:
  11. So... I absolutely need to know this song's name

    I have heard this song a lot of times in RPG maker related content, e.g. Yanfly and MogHunter. And since I love this track, I'd like to know its name to evaluate if it can be used in my project. The song that starts playing from 0:09 is meant. Music Link:
  12. RMMZ VisuStella Skills and States Core: Stacking Active States?

    I put it below all other plugins that I used. It worked for me. If you need a custom formula for state damage: Use them in the order they are listed in the post. But I suggest...
  13. Synrec's State Stacker

    A general tutorial please :). But should you make a demo, can you gimme the link?
  14. Synrec's State Stacker

    I'm a bit too stupid to figure this script out... can someone explain to me how this works or do a tutorial on this?

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