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    Remove Game Over Message

    Of course! I keep tons of backups and notes in my notepad on the scripts, so if there's some future error with the game over, it'll probably be from that.
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    Remove Game Over Message

    I went into Battle Manger and removed $game_message.add(sprintf(Vocab::Defeat, $ wait_for_message It doesn't pop up for me anymore, so I think I figured it out.
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    Remove Game Over Message

    Hello! In battle, I noticed when all the actors die, it says "Actor name was defeated" before switching over to the game over screen. Is there a way to remove this message from showing at all and instead just going onto the Game Over screen?
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    [VXA] Transfer State?

    Thank you SO much for this! :kaojoy: I didn't know it was possible through the formula, haha.
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    [VXA] Transfer State?

    Oooh! I didn't know that. Would you be able to transfer multiple states? How would you write it out or is it only for single?
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    [VXA] Transfer State?

    Hello! Is there a way to make it possible to transfer states or debuffs from the user to the selected target through skills? Ex. X has Poison, transfer Poison to Y, basically cleansing their states. I've been searching for ways to do this, even through common events, but I'm stuck on the...
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    RMMV Reserve Party Storage Theres a few monster storage box plugins. Maybe look up “Pokémon” plug-ins to help with this or even request/commission one.
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    RMVXA ~The Seventh Warrior~

    This is gorgeous! I really love the mapping to this a lot and the overall project has promise. Do you plan on keeping the rtp-edited/inspired face portraits or do you plan on getting custom art for the characters?
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    RMMV Reserve Party Storage

    It could be interesting. How developed would these characters be gameplay wise is a big thing. Would you make the player level them all up because they all have a “place” in certain fights or is it like Pokémon where you can use whoever you want? Are all these characters tied to the story or...
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    RMMV ECHORIA: Ancient Echoes

    I look forward to this! Definitely will be checking it out. I love the art style and overall aesthetic especially.
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    RMVXA Records in Blue

    It is an interesting design! I've never seen anybody do this in VXA. I agree with the post above with regards to the animated enemies. It's a little static, so maybe a few frames or even a "breathing" effect would bring it to life more. I look forward to seeing the full build with music and such.
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    RM MV Bloody Downs (dead character sprites) There's some bases here that you can use. Maybe copying and pasting some pieces from the actors on this might help.
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    What do you like to drink or usually drink?

    It's a mega bias for me! :kaoluv:
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    What game are you currently Playing?

    Arc Rise Fantasia. Went in for the laughs because of the English voice acting, but I'm pretty much enjoying it/having a great time.
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    Hello there

    Have you tried using VX Ace btw? It's similar to VX and I believe there are more script sources available for it.

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