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    RMMV Can someone check if my code has any errors? (Not Long)

    That's not a helpful answer. Try: 1 - Going back and reading my example of how to explain something. 2 - Thinking about when you play a game like this, how skills function. I don't see how what you just said is different from what I said - but you say it is, so please explain the difference...
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    RMMV Can someone check if my code has any errors? (Not Long)

    That thread is about how to use JavaScript in damage formulae. You are not interacting with a damage formula, so you have to read and determine which parts are relevant to you. If you read the instructions further up in that post, it explains: That is also explained in the first post of the...
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    The Resource WIP Thread 3

    That's a landsknecht hat. The thing is that it's directly connected to her eye...and it's the same anyone looking at the picture has no way to know that it's not part of her, like, hugely mutated and deformed eye. I don't know what your overall character style is and what the other...
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    Should Water and Ice be different elements?

    Strictly speaking, that's not accurate - water isn't an element, but the elements that create it at the molecular level (two hydrogen atoms and an oxygen) are exactly the same whether it's water, ice or steam. So if you're going by actual molecular makeup, neither water nor ice should be...
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    RMMV Can someone check if my code has any errors? (Not Long)

    A lot of that is invalid code. Note that RPG Maker MV uses JavaScript, not Java. There's no such thing as declaring variables by type (int). The first thing you need to do is determine when and how your code will run. If it's a passive state, when does it happen? Every time the actor with the...
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    How can I make a "Hero" become a villain and fight him?

    The confusing thing here is that you're asking questions that have to do with the story of your game. Like, when you talk about making a hero turn against the party, having a controlled mind, none of that means anything inside of RPG Maker - that's stuff in your story. If you look in your...
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    Sprite Height Modifier with Custom Character Generator?

    You still did not include a link to the plugin. But I went ahead and Googled it, and the description does not reference battlers - it specifically says it alters walking sprites. Battlers are trickier than map sprites because they're angled sideways and they have a variety of poses, so just...
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    Like in Octopath Traveler, Limit Classes and Subclasses with Yanfly scripts.

    eomere's instructions referenced the Subclass plugin, and you can see the word subclass in the code, so yes. What does this mean? Plugins are just files with code, you open them with any text editor - what does "fix" mean? You would copy the code above, paste it into Notepad or any text...
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    RMMV Yanfly's passive aura effects (conditions)

    There's a pinned thread with MV's script calls, which includes how to check for states. Yojur notetag should be: <Custom Aura Condition> condition=user.isStateAffected(X); </Custom Aura Condition> where X is the ID of the state they need to have.
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    RMMV Help with Actor Shop System (Searched Forums Already...)

    A much simpler approach to what you describe is a request for a plugin that will eval code in an item's notetag when you purchase it. No common events, no scanning the database, just make items representing the actors and have a notetag on each that when you purchase it you add the actor to...
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    I've never tried to plan out every skill in my game before I start creating stuff. Since the...

    I've never tried to plan out every skill in my game before I start creating stuff. Since the location in the database's list doesn't affect anything except the order they're listed in the skills page, it suffices for me to put them in the order they're learned.
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    RMMV Weeping Angel type enemy

    That makes sense, I didn't get that implication from the OP.
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    Having some trouble with manking things happen after using "Abort battle"

    I'll go ahead and link this recent tutorial as it seems relevant to what you want to do: As already stated, Abort Battle does exactly what it says - you can't continue to run commands from a battle event when that battle is ended.
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    Sprite Height Modifier with Custom Character Generator?

    Welcome! I saw this was your first post and hadn't gotten any responses, so I wanted to make sure you got at least something :wink: Can you explain a bit more clearly what you're asking about? What is "the plugin for the sprite height modifier?" If it's something that comes with MZ, please give...
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    How do I make a state that inflicts another state upon expiring in MV?

    That method only works correctly/smoothly if your state uses Turn End Auto-Removal. If it uses Action End or if it's removed by another effect, the new state will not be applied immediately. I'm not saying your solution is bad, it will work perfectly well under those specific circumstances. I...

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