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  1. Status Effects And How To Make Them (More Engaging)

    A number of games have implemented status effects that don't have any inherent effect, but affect how other skills behave. The first example of this I can think of is Star Trek Online - some skills have the chance to apply an Exposed status to the target in addition to whatever else they do...
  2. RMMV How would i go about adding a new Attack command in combat?

    Yanfly's Weapon Unleash lets you attach a new combat menu command to equipping a weapon - but it has to replace one, so you'd have Attack, Shoot, and no Guard. Otherwise, other Yanfly (and probably other people) plugins can attach a regular skill to the weapon, so you only have the Shoot skill...
  3. RMMV Encountered Error While Using SumRndmDde's Summon Core And Summon Battler Images Plugins With Yanfly's Plugins in RPG Maker MV.

    I would strongly suggest you add plugins as you need them for your game. Start with anything that's broadly essential (e.g. Yanfly's Core Engine and Battle Core), then start designing and playtesting your game. Add a new plugin when you need it to do a new thing that you want to implement, and...
  4. RPG Maker MZ is in direct violation of GPL

    An excellent example of how to not make a useful post. Between pasting in a random sentence that is meaningless without context or reference, and the fact that it's simply thrown into the air as a forum post instead of sent via official means to the actual company that makes the software that...
  5. RMMZ Scale Enemies Level to Actors level

    Yanfly has previously stated that their plugins will be ported to MZ. It's not wrong for you to ask if someone else wants to make a version of this first, but it's unlikely another person will do it faster than VisuStella since they'd have to first code their own version of enemy levels to begin...
  6. How can I make an armor that has a chance of reviving the user once per battle

    I would use Yanfly's buffs and states core, and passive states. You'd make 2 new passive states. One is just activated by wearing the armor so the game knows you have it equipped. The other will indicate that that character has had the effect activated that battle (so you'd check for it to...
  7. Changing a variable value in-game

    I'm sorry, I don't understand what you're trying to achieve. Are you trying to lock the camera, so it doesn't move while the player walks around? If yes, the Camera Core achieves that with its FocusCamera command - you focus the camera on a specified point on the screen, and it will stay there...
  8. Changing a variable value in-game

    Both the QCamera and the Camera Core from SmRndmDde have plugin commands to shift the camera a number of map tiles in any direction...I don't know of one that has a plugin command to adjust the camera by mere pixels.
  9. Problem with Transfer Player

    Transparent means you can see through something - it makes the player disappear. If you turn transparency on but never turn it off...he will stay disappeared. So after your transfer command, you need to turn transparency back off.
  10. Problem with Yanfly auto passive states and buffs & states core

    Have you tried having a second passive state with the opposite condition? If you have one with Passive Condition: MP Below 2%, that code will execute only when your original state isn't doing anything. As to how to make that do a one-time effect...I think you'd have to have each actor have a...
  11. [Poll] Short Sword vs Short-Sword vs Shortsword

    As has been mentioned above - "longsword" is a correct word because it's an actual, specific design of sword. You could say "long sword" as a descriptor, but that might refer to a longsword or katana or bastard sword or... There is, however, no weapon actually named "shortsword." As you already...
  12. Dungeon game Resources

    The OP asked for a tileset at 16x16 resolution.
  13. Help with Increasing Party members stats during certain conditions

    Would Custom Regenerate do it? The documentation says Custom Regenerate will be executed " whenever the battler would regenerate HP, MP, or TP." That doesn't seem to cover any time the battler takes damage from different kinds of skills. So it looks like that would be useful in manipulating the...
  14. Dungeon game Resources

    It doesn't hurt to look through, but I don't think Avery has made anything at a lower resolution. I think all her stuff matches the RTP.
  15. Help with Increasing Party members stats during certain conditions

    For 1: So, theoretically, I would have the weapon apply a passive state on equip. I would then have the Knockout state have a Custom Apply Effect and Custom Remove Effect. Each of these effects would do a loop to check through everyone in the party, see if they have the weapon's state affecting...

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