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    Setting a Variable Equal to Another Variable

    Not at all, I just had no presumption that you were going for some kind of persistent system within your event in a Visual Novel. My bad for giving advice without asking what you were planning to do.
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    Tall / Large Character head Clipping trees and other objects

    Aside from what @Andar mentioned if you have elongated characters...the downside would be more work on your part to make two versions of every tileset?
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    Yanfly ATB Plug-In Casting Time Question

    There's no "formula in the description" - it's a part of the information you define for every skill you create. Center-left of the screen, under Invocation, a text box labeled Speed.
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    Tile Set Names difference between them?

    The names are pretty descriptive, do you have a specific word you don't understand? Additionally, just from clicking on them, you should be able to visually see the difference.
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    Setting a Variable Equal to Another Variable

    I don't have VNM, so I can't answer your question outright...but I do have a counter question, which is why do you need to do this? If you're not changing the value of the variable, then you don't need the new one and you can just use Dom directly. If you are changing the value, there's no...
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    RMMV Simple code for telling a switch to turn on when a certain key is pressed

    There's Yanfly's Button Common Events plugin which does this, but it's a paid plugin. I don't know if anyone has written a free equivalent.
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    Tall / Large Character head Clipping trees and other objects

    It's caused by you using characters that are larger than what the engine is designed for? You can use a plugin like this to make your in-game tiles have larger dimensions to accommodate your characters. Note that it requires you to have two versions of every tileset, for the editor and the...
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    RMMV Hey kids, don't forget that "=" and "==" are different.

    Have you tried any tutorials? Forget RPG Maker, just JavaScript tutorials. There are plenty that start at the beginner level. Sites like and have beginner tutorials, so they definitely cover very basic information like this. is text-based, so you...
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    RMMV Trying to get yanfly atb gauge to work

    That's a very outdated version of the Battle Engine Core. The current version is 1.5.1. You should re-download all of your YEP plugins, that's almost certainly what's causing your problems, they're incompatible versions with each other.
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    RMMV Trying to get yanfly atb gauge to work

    That's a very weird question - you shouldn't have any choice. Double-clicking on that parameter should bring up a drop-down list that you select the battle system from, there's no typing involved.
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    Map size 1920 x 1080 How do you do that? or Full screen? or 16x9 ratio

    How strongly do you feel that's still true? I have plenty of small maps in MV for my building interiors and I've never seen any kind of graphical errors. Or are there specific circumstances that will trigger it?
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    RMMV Trying to get yanfly atb gauge to work

    And have you followed the installation instructions correctly? Did you set the battle mode to ATB in the Battle Engine Core plugin parameters?
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    RMMZ What does this error message mean?

    You can achieve this by just right-clicking the plugin and selecting Refresh.
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    Conditional "Show Choices" (hide or disable choices)

    Correct - gameParty.members() will say whether the actor is in the party. As described in the first post for this plugin, ! is the operator for NOT (which you already had in your code, so I didn't think I needed to say it again). Glad you got it working!
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    Conditional "Show Choices" (hide or disable choices)

    When you say "if thing," without referencing any kind of value or state, it's going to be true if that thing exists. So you're saying "if this actor exists," which it must if it's defined in your database, that's always going to be true. Try: $gameParty.members().contains(a[X]) where X is the...

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