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  1. Script to change the offset of PCs/NPCs?

    It's perfect, thank you
  2. Script to change the offset of PCs/NPCs?

    Fixed (Hopefully) I'm pretty sure that it is, you can see similarities in the examples I gave. Of course 0,0 probably won't be as I put it but it wasn't a necessity. I will return to see if it works for me. Thank you.
  3. Script to change the offset of PCs/NPCs?

    It's pretty self-explanatory... A script to change the offset of characters in X and/or Y values - avoiding changing the offset of stationary objects (doors, lights, switches, etc). For example:
  4. Offsetting 32x32 sprite

    Thank you
  5. Offsetting 32x32 sprite

    This is precisely what I need, should I just make a new thread?
  6. Offsetting 32x32 sprite

    I have found it very difficult to find how to offset a 32x32 PC sprite. I want to offset my sprites up by 7 pixels upwards to centre the sprites on the tiles more. Like so: (Although this is an easy edit with child sprites I want this for all the sprites) I know a way to make it look offset...

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