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  1. good roadblocks

    Link the second game on NES had a cave or caves you could try and get through without your candle, but it was usually deadly. This is a good example of a roadblock that is a bit more interesting than just something blocking your way. Whirlpools, fallen trees (when your characters are in a cart...
  2. What are you thoughts on Voice Acting?

    I am going to incorporate voice acting for main cutscenes and main characters and conversations. All other conversation with NPC's will be done like Shining Force 1 and 2. So when you talk to an unimportant NPC the text will write across the text box and there will be blips in high or lower...
  3. Game with a single dungeon?

    Shining in the Darkness the first in the Shining Force series took place in one massive dungeon as far as I can remember. That's best left to straight on/first person dungeon crawlers. Which I believe you can do with RPGMaker. The overhead view would maybe make a dungeon crawler too easy in this...
  4. are rpgs with only one Hero lame ?

    First of all what do you mean by only one hero? Do you mean one hero is the only controllable character? Or as in the story only has one hero/protagonist?
  5. Map Drops vs. Inventory Loot

    I imagine that having loot spill out onto the ground will tax a users system or the program more. If you make it so the player has to click on the corpse with the mouse or approach and hit a button and there is a random set of items that could be looted that would be less of a problem. If its...
  6. Tutor for Javascript Plugin Making RPGMMV

    Alright. So where do I post to find people that are willing to do some tutoring with me to teach me some Javascripting and Plugin making? For $$. I have some programming knowledge in C++ and understand how programming works. Just need a bit of a kickstart
  7. Adding/Changing Attributes

    So they can do almost everything I want to do. However there are still a few I'd like to add. Such as Ranged Damage and Melee Damage - (Separated from each other, but both still considered Physical Damage) Separate Critical chance - for Spells/Skills than basic attacks - {% To Block...
  8. Adding/Changing Attributes

    Okay so I watched those Plugin videos.
  9. Adding/Changing Attributes

    So everything under this is where I need to be, gonna need to link it to other things too. What I haven't figured out yet is what the (args #/ID) is for these  Game_BattlerBase.TRAIT_ELEMENT_RATE   = 11; Game_BattlerBase.TRAIT_DEBUFF_RATE    = 12; Game_BattlerBase.TRAIT_STATE_RATE     = 13...
  10. Adding/Changing Attributes

    Ya I did that. Game_BattlerBase seems to be the parent class of the all the parameters. I have SOME experience with Java and C++. Takes me longer than someone who went to school for the stuff but I can get things done eventually lol. I can write some basic programs. Get triangles on a screen and...
  11. Adding/Changing Attributes

    Ah, there are no plugins to achieve what I want. I have programming experience. I just needed to find where the values were stored. I can take care of the rest. I guess perhaps Yanfly's "Status Menu Core" mixed with "Actor Variables" Plugin and perhaps some others might achieve what I want...
  12. Adding/Changing Attributes

    Okay so is this it? Starting at Line 1454 in "rpg_managers.js"? If I add say for example another ('basic', 10)? In there after the one that says ('basic', 9) at line 1464? Also found Object.defineProperties(Game_BattlerBase.prototype, { ...............} At line 2115 in "rpg_objects.js"...
  13. Adding/Changing Attributes

    Okay thanks guys. I think I've got it now. All of your answers were good. Led to what I think I needed to know.   Okay so what do you mean I may wreck something? Can I add to the Param array without having complications? Such as making a param[8], param[9] and so on? And can I make those...
  14. Adding/Changing Attributes

    Okay so how do I make it so I can have my list of Attribute names and add functions to them and replace the Attack and defense and such and move them to another window? This is all I want to know. Where the M attack, attack, Agility etc. reside in the Javascript code.
  15. Adding/Changing Attributes

    Alright so I have this same/similar question in the Steam discussion boards for Javascript. What I want to be able to do is change how the Stats work in the game, or the Attributes and add some others. So the current stats/attributes are as follows (Max HP, Max MP, Attack, Defense, M.Attack...

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