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    RMMV Switches and Blades (Now Released!)

    Welp, super late response... glad you like it, @onekksu! But yeah, my advice is just try to be a little more specific next time you complement someone's stuff. That way, it feels a little less... er... spammy. Unfortunately, several months ago, my laptop with the latest project files had some...
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    Play animation on specific actors

    Doing this without plugins (or scripting) requires hiding the party members and then using events to stand in for the party, since you cannot do things directly to the party. If you're making a cutscene, the easiest way to do this is to fade out the screen, turn off player followers, and move...
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    How long should it take from pressing "Start Game" to player's first battle?

    Right, sorry. I'll stop. I just enjoy talking about topics like this. I felt that, for the argument I wanted to make, it'd help if I was being clear with my definitions. But I got a little carried away... :kaosigh:
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    How long should it take from pressing "Start Game" to player's first battle?

    My bad. My description wasn't inclusive enough. By my definition, elections, musical performances, classes, and trials are all games. I only mentioned entertainment because it was most relevant to this topic and my experience. But you're absolutely right. Heck, we could consider this...
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    How long should it take from pressing "Start Game" to player's first battle?

    Wow, there's a lot going on here. Before I jump in, let me give my definitions of these things. I know it doesn't fit with other people's definitions, but at least it'll be clear where I stand. Feel free to debate my definitions, but let me remind you that this isn't the goal of this discussion...
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    Automatic vs. Manual stat increase on level ups

    Yet another option is Dokapon Kingdom's system. You automatically gain stats when you level up (and the stats you gain depends on your job as well as previous jobs you've mastered), but have two points to allocate as well. This gives some guidance and makes sure you don't have anything too...
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    Linux, Steam and Ace Help

    Yes, but many desktops uses the GPU, especially if they have some kind of transparency in them. I haven't checked, but I would be surprised if Windows 10 didn't make use of it.
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    Linux, Steam and Ace Help

    The one thing I want to point out if they decide to use VBox: Make sure that, in the VBox settings, you enable 3D acceleration. It's off by default (I think), and it's vital if you want anything to run well.
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    Toggling Passage of Tiles with a specific Region ID, based on a Switch

    Maybe you could treat the familiar as a vehicle? Out of the box, you can make your familiar able to cross water or able to fly. However, this doesn't have a ton of control and might not be right for what you're trying to do. So plugins might be the only other option. I can't think of any plugin...
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    Flexible and Powerful Tile Map Editor

    I'm not sure if this is something that would be possible with what people are wanting, but... Having editor support for something like Yanfly's Gridfree Doodads would be nice. That system is pretty darn powerful, and it's a shame that it can't be better integrated with the editor itself.
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    How do I make Skills obtained with Items only available for a few actors/Pokemon tm's system.

    @Ttoastty Alright, here you go! This is a pretty simplistic script; it just removes stuff from the list of skills depending on the plugin settings. But you cannot do some more complex checks. If I were to add anything else to this, I'd support a notetag. Then you could more easily control which...
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    Number of copies to recover your investment?

    I could write something here, but I'll just link to this very relevant GDC talk on the topic.
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    Automatic vs. Manual stat increase on level ups

    I'm surprised no one has brought up the Mario and Luigi RPGs. I know that those are quite different from RM RPGs, but still, they have a pretty good stat distribution scheme. Whenever one of the bros levels up, the player gets to choose a stat. Then they spin a roulette to determine how much...
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    custom attack on state expire bug? Yanfly States&Buffs

    Oh yeah... forgot about that issue. That makes things... pretty hard. If I had the time I'd attempt to fix it, but I've heard it's pretty complex. I wasn't totally sure what was causing the issue. It kind of sounded like it had to do with the actor hitting themselves, causing something to...
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    RMMV Switches and Blades (Now Released!)

    Thanks and you're welcome! I'm not totally sure, though my estimate is probably around 1 to 2 hours. I can beat the game in 30 minutes, but it took my brother that long just playing around in the first area, finding goodies. (Because, yes, there are secrets.) It also depends on how much you...

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