Always hard to describe myself.

I am Avery, as in Oswald Avery, the famous molecular biologist. Years ago I read the name an thought it would also be a great name for a girl, some time later i figured out that it is actually also a girl's name.

Related to the maker stuff I am mostly into resources. I edit and create resources of nearly all kinds for MV, before for XP and VX/Ace and I know a lot about sources for resources. Well, I am still learning.

What else to know?

Dinosaurs are adorable <3 Bats, too.

Reading, Drawing, Pixel Stuff
Sep 5, 1992 (Age: 28)
Minas Morgul
First Language
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If you quote my post and my post is the only one between your last post and my quoted one, I am very annoyed about the notification.

"Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum sonatur."

Busy busy busy.



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For a long time I always consider XP soundtracks as the best one.
Just listened to some of MZ tracks from the free version.
It's... Quite mindblowing. xD
Only listened to the battles, towns, and fields.
But I'm sure the rest are equally good. :D
What do you guys want to see for the new Jump into Javascript? A continuation of the rpg_objects, or would you prefer a "lesson 0" where I go back to the absolute basics of Javascript and cover the fundamentals of the language and its construction?
Hey RPG members!!

How do you finish projects? Some new game developers start off strong but end up losing momentum. What keeps you motivated while working on new projects?
Feeling wee sleepy.. ZzzZ
So many threads to move to the right place. My post count is awesome, but 95% of it is due to moving things.

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