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    While I don't know if I am up for it, you might want to specify which base you would like them for, as male, female and child need...
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    There are some images out there that you could use for now: https://opengameart.org/content/first-person-pistol...
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    This depends on how much time you are willing to invest, but you can try to convert Macks XP tiles into a usable format...
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    Avery replied to the thread Expressions for Monster 2-4 MZ.
    I felt like I had seen emotions for this guy before, but could not recall where, so I made a bunch. Terms are the same as in my MV...
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    Avery reacted to Gunmetal_Dreams's post in the thread Avy's MZ Stuff with Like Like.
    Hi Avery, just been through this thread and just.... wow.... Pretty much everything looks great, and I'm getting so many ideas looking...
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    Avery reacted to Harold's post in the thread Avy's MZ Stuff with Like Like.
    Hi Avery. Thank you so much for everything. I appreciate your hard work.
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    Avery reacted to KitsuneKei's post in the thread Avy's MZ Stuff with Like Like.
    I love your work <3
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    Avery reacted to Kitten2021's post in the thread Avy's MZ Stuff with Like Like.
    I know this is extremely old, but I had to say "Thank you" as I really needed this particular SV_Battler and had tried making her on my...
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    Avery replied to the thread A Better Swamp Tileset.
    I am very confused by everyone complaining about the Logo issue. Basically, of the 4 rows, the watermark renders just the middle two...
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    Avery replied to the thread Spire / circular roof tiles.
    https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/creating-your-own-roof-variations-part-2.145791/ In this post is explained how to...
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    Avery reacted to TheAM-Dol's comment on kyonides's profile post with Haha Haha.
    Ah yes, the most thrilling part of life: government. The only other thing in life that gets me that excited is taxes. I think you...
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    Avery reacted to Crazy_Leen's post in the thread Crazy_Leen's MZ Resources with Like Like.
    A promised, here's the first set for my "Resources for Battlebacks" project \O/ It's a combination of "Brick" and "Cobblestone 3"...
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    Avery commented on MarxMayhem's profile post.
    It depends, I would say they are usually a light silver shade. Badumm-ts
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    This is awesome, nice work Avery!
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    Nice! :kaojoy: I'm guessing the "glitchy" behaviour of the script call is because the current pattern isn't immediately being set to...

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a friend of mines said I need an elevator pitch for my game. he then went and gave me his for his comic... then I realized I have no idea how to explain my game the way he did his comic lol.
How much armor is too much armor I wonder....
Some people wished to be governed. Some people wished to be ruled.
Twitch I am live with some piano practice and a session of my Interactive Text Adventure!
I've been working on my own RPGmaker project for the last couple of months (It will be a year in October), and I've been enjoying the process a lot. I still have a ton of things to do, but seeing things slowly come to life feels rewarding.

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