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    Tutorial-Blog Tips and Tricks: Mapping Cliffs

    @The Stranger Yeah, natural terrain and the blockyness of the tiles usually go not so well with each other^^ I thought about rivers, though my intuitive apporach would start with a huge amount of edits, so that is probably not everyone's go to^^' Maybe one day, that would need a lot of trying...
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    Glowing Shroom

    Green Pocket has glowing shrooms: You can simply rearrange them on the set for MV format and you are good to go:
  3. Avery

    Modern - School tileset

    DotArtWorld has everything a basic school needs and more modern stuff:
  4. Avery

    Ellenor's pixelart.

    Ellenor T. ? The one with the neat XP tiles and the cool taller VX Ace chars? Nice to see you and your art here :)
  5. Avery

    Map Madness Round 2, Match A Poll: 1. Calamitous Magic 2. slimmmeiske2

    Entry 1 has icons by me, though I am not credited^^'
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    Spotlights/Features Resource Spotlight: Ebanyle's Xp Tree Remaster

    Until the spotlight is avaiable, you can already have a look at the MZ conversion I made for those amazing trees: and of course the thread as well...
  7. Avery

    XP Tree Remaster

    Amazing work! While working on the spotlight, I thought it would make your work even more accessible, if there was an Port for MZ, so under the same terms as Ebanyle's here is the sheet:
  8. Avery

    Avy's MZ Stuff

    It's been a while since the emotions tutorial came out, but of course the results are free to use under the usual terms. Learn how to make emotions like these here:
  9. Avery

    Looking for Rabbit Face

    You can use this one as bust or cut a face out: Terms: (but the...
  10. Avery

    Cat Girl Emotions Portraits

    I have a blog article on how to make emotionsets, that might help you to help yourself ;3
  11. Avery

    Looking for Temple Tiles

    I have made a "neutral" temple for MV and there are also matching interior tiles linked there: Your first screen is from Lunarea, they are for VX Ace and were never released. The second is by mack and...
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    What the MZ RTP is missing!

    Yep, and he made even more! So far he has Actor 3_1 Actor 3_4 Evil 2 Evil 4 People 3_7 People 3_8
  13. Avery

    [Requesting] MZ Evil_5 SV Actor or Gen Parts

    Vibrato has just released that one:
  14. Avery

    Oh, very nice! Be careful to not blow it up ;D

    Oh, very nice! Be careful to not blow it up ;D
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    Avian/Birdlike Faces/Facesets

    They look mostly like they are somewhat evil/aggressive, but there are the bird people by kingdom of rise and fall:

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