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    Avy's MZ Stuff

    Little Reid can now also run around on your maps!
  2. Avery

    MV Tilesets Compatible with DS Style

    Just remembered some more things you might get to work if you adjust the colors: another idea would be trying to recolor the whispers of avalon...
  3. Avery

    Inquisitor Tiles

    Yeah, they are 100% original^^ For MV I would honestly just do parallax mapping, as upscaling them any easy way would just blur them... For MZ you can recut them and switch the grid size in the engine. I think some people also made VX Ace recuts for them, those would do the trick as well.
  4. Avery

    Inquisitor Tiles

    Inspired by Kes' search for some of them and the fact that MZ can handle 32x32 tiles now, which makes them a lot more relevant for todays users (though you will have to recut them for that use). Inquisitor made a unique and extensive tileset that is enough to provide everything for a full...
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    Looking for a SV Battler from "kneeup_Monster2_4_mvt" and "kneeup_Monster2_6_mvt" (MV Trinity Resource Pack)

    Huh, those both look really complicated in their design, so I don't think that is something people will just randomly make unless they need the exact same thing as well. You have some options though, as you could try to edit Hiddenone's 3-tailed fox to have 9 tails...
  6. Avery

    The Inquisitor world tiles

    With the wayback machine you can still access it, just click on download and you'll get it:
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    I really like the design of this title screen and how the background and the pattern of the...

    I really like the design of this title screen and how the background and the pattern of the spaceship blend into each other :)
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    Avy's MZ Stuff

    It's been quite quiet lately, as there are a lot of things happening or about to happen in real life, so all the resources I made in the past months (which were not many) went straight into the advent folder. But here is a fun edit I though you might enjoy ;3
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    [MV] Pig nose and tail generator parts

    While I don't know if I am up for it, you might want to specify which base you would like them for, as male, female and child need different formatting and probably size.
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    VX Ace Animation Request (Or at Least Help)

    There are some images out there that you could use for now:
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    MV Tilesets Compatible with DS Style

    This depends on how much time you are willing to invest, but you can try to convert Macks XP tiles into a usable format. Though the style is different, the technical aspects are the same as for my VX to...
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    Expressions for Monster 2-4 MZ

    I felt like I had seen emotions for this guy before, but could not recall where, so I made a bunch. Terms are the same as in my MV resource thread.
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    A Better Swamp Tileset

    I am very confused by everyone complaining about the Logo issue. Basically, of the 4 rows, the watermark renders just the middle two "useless", with everything in the top and bottom row being safe and unalterd. Everything pink in my example is just fine and use as is, so you can safe the sheets...
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    Spire / circular roof tiles In this post is explained how to construct such tiles on your own.
  15. Avery

    It depends, I would say they are usually a light silver shade. Badumm-ts

    It depends, I would say they are usually a light silver shade. Badumm-ts

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