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    Revenant Gods - Ragnarok Chronicle - #Statement about Revenant God's music and its "composer"

    I'd like to know that myself. I decided to come back to this place after a good few years, and things don't seem to at least appear to have happened a lot.
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    Revenant Gods - Ragnarok Chronicle - #Statement about Revenant God's music and its "composer"

    So, I've had a bit of time with the demo, just a bit, maybe the first 5-10 minutes, but the game's blown me away, for lack of conveniently available better sounding words. It's awesome. And I wish best of luck for the rest Luzi. 
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    Neo Questeria (Minor Update: Battle Pics)

    I'll agree. It may seem a bit out of place because it's outsourced. But it should fit in over time as we get the other characters in similar face sets. The others you see so far are more or less placeholders until they change. Like Cross.  -Karbon, your everyday isotope of carbon, with a dash...
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    Revenant Gods - Ragnarok Chronicle - #Statement about Revenant God's music and its "composer"

    I can say nothing less than I have been blown away by this. This is amazing. Considering this, it may as well be the best rpg maker game I've seen so far. And... I'm hyped. Making this one of the games I'm waiting for. I'll be waiting for a demo. Or anything like that.  -Karbon, your everyday...
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    Neo Questeria (Minor Update: Battle Pics)

    So yeah. First update. Woohoo. We have finally moved from Questeria alpha 0.01 To Questeria Alpha 0.02. I have no idea what other sarcastic stuff to go on with on introducing this, so i'll just get straight to the point. We have the battle screen now have a little more 'oomph' in it. It looks...

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