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  1. Maintaining Quality

    I think one of the most important things in making a game is story, lore, and characters. And how I make all of that is that I look at other sources. Every great story had inspiration, take game of thrones for example George R.R martin took inspiration from the war of the roses a real medieval...
  2. Layering

    Thanks I got it today so I am new.
  3. Layering

    well I am trying to make a map but I couldn't move so I assume it is a layering issue. So please comment down bellow and try to help me if you can.
  4. Recomemded world map size

    That is a great point. I would much rather play a ten hour game with good story and characters than an hundred hour game with about 70 of those hours being grinding. A good story and characters leave more of an impact than a long game.
  5. December Goals & Progress Thread

    Well I am in the early development with my lore and world I have a world ma but I don't know were the geography or towns would go. I also might be helping Cinnamon roll dev with his lore.
  6. Hello

    well hello I came here due to my friend cinnamon dev asking me to join. So far I have only hade about 21 hours so I am relatively I use rpg maker xp because my friend said it was the easiest to use for beginners. But I am pretty ambitious my world is inspired by dragon age, lord of the rings A...

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RPG Maker MZ just crashed, please tell me I didn't just lose 4 hours of progress.
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My current peak of boss design.
energy drinks have made this week SUPER productive so far lol. I finished one of my overworld maps, along with 2 other maps and a way to traverse to said overworld map.
i am absolutely DRAGGING MYSELF RIGHT NOW, i bought a commission ($35) back in october, got the art back, it was great, only to NOW realize i never DOWNLOADED it to my computer, and the site i used auto-deletes uploads after 3 months. Now i'm panicking cuz she closed all her commissions on that site & deleted her IG and Facebook, luckily I found her g-mail but who knows if she'll respond :kaocry: pray for me ya'll

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