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  • So the Tales of Symphony remaster port has many issues, but there is one funny one.

    The fact that the port has NEW typos not in other versions.

    I applaud Namco Bandai, I never expected a graphical upgrade to screw up the grammar and spelling of the games script.

    Namco Bandai has proved that, yes, it can always get worse.
    @Euphony - if you pay me for making that post, then yes, you may have a point about me making typos. :p  

    Plus, the PC version has NEW typos that the PS3 version does not have (how?).

    @Scythuz -  The PC remaster should be the definitive version and this is anything but that (the remaster's only advantage is the higher resolution currently and has a lot of issues that the original did not have).  

    And yes the Gamecube version ran at 60 fps.

    I cannot wait for Namco to say that nobody wants tales of games on PC due to this port not selling well.  I will not have to buy salt for a few years then.

    I am STILL salty about EA using the Dungeon Keeper mobile game as a reason to say that nobody wants Dungeon Keeper games anymore.
    Hollow 1977
    Hollow 1977
    Wow porting something that was already ported and adding new mistakes to it. Maybe they are hiring the people who write yahoo articles. LOL!
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    Alexander Amnell
    Alexander Amnell
       It's funny, but unfortunately the satire of today can easily become the reality of tomorrow (study satire from the 50-60s and compare them to pop culture television like E. if you don't believe me and see how many 'jokes' are things people take completely seriously as a fact of life in pop culture today)

       This isn't the first time someone's tried this copyrighting of simple words, yet unfortunately a precedent only requires one successful test case to become the norm.
    @Alexander Amnell - that is true.

    Hopefully this gets enough attention to finally change the stupid copyright systems in place currently.

    This type of thing is getting more and more common and will literally kill indie games (or at the very least the freedom of the indie developers).
    Atlas Rose
    Atlas Rose
    Wait, so no one is allowed to make a react video, or just call it a react video? If people can't make react videos, that's gonna kill quite a bit of youtube in general.
    Does anybody else feel that there are way to many rpg maker games that neglect the mechanics of the gameplay itself. 

    Instead focusing way to heavily on presentation and story?
    @Alexander Amnell - I see your point (attack is generally used to cover for poor game balance and guard is used rarely ever in any game besides a gimmick in a couple boss fight at most), but attack has a purpose for MP systems.

    Most MP systems work by trying to drain a parties MP via attrition, thus try and get the party to save skills.  So they added the attack command to ensure the player has a way to keep fighting if they stay longer then normally intended (grinding, getting lost, etc).  

    ...Although I have never seen this system well balance tbh (I rarely ever run out of MP in RPGs and just end up spamming the strongest skills over and over) and think devs should focus alot less on using attrition as a means of difficulty (attrition was originally used to extend a games play time in the NES days). 
    Alexander Amnell
    Alexander Amnell
    See, and in the NES days that was acceptable, that's where the technology was... on the other hand, these days an average 12 year old could easily replicate most of those NES titles, and I feel we should strive to be above that. The free attack mechanic just doesn't balance well, as you say. It might be a little more work to steer away from the convention, but the games that do it seem to be extremely well received for it. Ace and MV both have tp as well, which I've turned into a stamina bar for physical attacks, throw in a class that uses items as their primary skill currency and abilities for the party to convert stamina to mp and vice versa and I just don't see a need to bother with a completely free attack mechanic just because it's theoretically possible for someone to get in a situation where they have no resources to spend, because at this point you really have to try hard to get to that point.
    Crimson Dragon Inc.
    Crimson Dragon Inc.
    unless your game is based around low resources, for instance, my game offers many spells and abilities, but actors are limited to only 10 to choose from to use in battle, along side that the party can only hold 15 items in stock, and mana and tp are in short supply, having the free attack command isnt a way out but just another option to preserve resources, 

    also the guard command generally halves all incoming damage (i changed this to a rest command for use in battle) so its utilized alot more then you think.... heck several guides i have read state to have your healer either healing the party or guarding, its not a cheap gimmick for boss fights it actually has great use

    same with the attack command, its realism, if you say ran out of spells and/or items you would be left with nothing unable to do anything? wrong you can still guard and attack....... dont know why you are saying its an excuse for lazy development and poor game balance, they are meant to be standard actions that EVERYONE can do, standard meaning basic actions..... its completely realistic.....everyone can swing a weapon, and defend themselves, not everyone can throw around spells, or special moves with the weapon, besides are you saying that in your game that everyone is already an expert in their field of combat? they are fully trained and already know what they are doing from the very start? is this gonna be in their back story?
    The division beta's *cough* timed demo *cough* dark zone area was really fun.  I didn't expect to like that area all that much when the rest of the game felt so meh/bad to me (Does the AI even think of using cover or doing anything but run straight at the player?).
    Luke, come to the Dark side and we will rule the dance floor as Father and son!

    Now witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational DJ!!!!

    I find your lack of bass disturbing...
    When Luke misses the beat....

    Vader "Luke...I am Not yo fatha..."

    Luke " D: "
    Are resource packs getting released way to slow now or is it just me?

    I remember how many were released in 2013, but packs have been consistently slowing down since early 2014 and in 2015 it slowed to a crawl.
    "Location: Behind you! BOOOO!"

    Wait, you are behind the wall? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    I just went from 700 something posts to 2,529.

    I must of been the ultimate spammer last night or something...

    rip dream to have more likes then posts D:
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    What counts as content now then? my post count with up with a lot as well.
    So did mine! I wasn't expecting that. It makes me look all... active and stuff.
    I think it counts status comments/updates now. Will confirm with IPS though!
    My new theme song:

    I wanna be the very best

    Like no one ever was

    To stalk them all is my real test

    To spy is my cause

    I will travel across the land

    Spying far and wide

    on everyone to understand

    What they do inside


    Stalking!  Gotta know it all!

    It is only your info to me

    I know it's my destiny,

    Stalking! Oh you're my "best friend"

    For it is you I must defend

    Stalking! A obssesion so true

    My knowledge of you will pull me through,

    You run away and I chase you,

    Stalking!  Gotta know it all!

    [Chorus again]

    Every time you run away

    You will turn and see my Face

    I will spy every day

    To claim my rightful place

    Don't mind me,

    The time is right,

    There is no better" team"

    Try all you want, I will win the fight!

    You will not ruin my dream!

    [Chorus repeated forever and ever]
    I ran out of likes at around 3:00 p.m. and 3 hours later I got them back...

    When is the reset time for the forum?
    I spent the last two hours trying to get this gif to work... WORTH IT!
    @Nio - it is from a longer Touhou gif

    @Clydous - there is one or two parts that could be considered that (although it really isn't that bad and I bet people will think it is much worse then it really is with your post :p ).
    @AwesomeCool: True that!
    Yes. Definelty worth it :D
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