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  • Here's a status full of comments I don't want to delete for reasons.
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    I just looked at the rules and it seems like this is what the mod was saying not to do: "Do not ask people to join your forum, team or project. Also, please avoid asking people to comment on or view your thread." I'm not sure if this means don't ask people what thread they'd like to see because I'm not asking them to view a thread. I haven't really gotten a clear answer yet.
    Generally, mentioning that you have a thread for your game or are waiting for it to be approved is not a big deal, particularly if it's not all the time. Linking your thread and asking for people to give feedback on it is not okay.
    And it's not because we don't want to support you guys or anything, but if we allowed it, the status updates would become nothing but people trying to get each other to look at their threads. I hope that helps clear it up a bit.
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I was away this days here in the forum but it was for a good cause!
The trailer of the demo of Luke Inn is on youtube and I am so happy!
I need to see the bugs of the game but I am happy that I have new content to show!

The last part of the modern interior will be ready soon. This will be a B-tile. With interior items for the kitchen, bathroom, toilet and storage room.
This frantic shooting ARPG plugin for MZ looks really great. Here is the link to a post from the official Japanese RPG Maker forum.
We start in 5 minutes!

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