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  • Hi Ayene,

    I am working on an education maths game using RPG Maker MV. I am hoping it will help lots of children around the world improve their maths. I may charge a small fee if I sell it to schools as a tablet app. Would you allow me to use some of your beautiful tiles in my game? I would certainly mention you in the credits (and perhaps feature you as an in-game character if you like!)


    Please do not use Status Updates to ask Support questions as that is not their purpose. You can post in the thread for her resources - though I'm pretty sure that her opening post includes her terms of use, including whether or not her resources can be used for commercial games. If the terms are included, then just go by those.
    Hi, yes, sorry, this was my first time on this website, I figured out how to send her a DM/PM afterwards, thanks :)
    And yes, thanks, I just found her terms. And thanks Ayene for your generosity, I'll certainly credit you :)
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I feel like banging my head against a wall every time I want to find that post that shows all the plugin header codes. Then I think "next time I find it, I'm going to bookmark it". Then I think "wait a minute ... maybe I bookmarked it last time because it took me so long to find it". Check bookmarks, and there it is :)
... a few of my main characters standing around doing nothing lol. I mostly wanted to see them together on screen.
Today I drove through my city of 100,000+ people during rush hour and the streets were nearly empty. Just so I could go get my favorite burger. There a dental assistant (she said that's her other job, even though I didn't ask) took my order and handed me a burger. I know it's bad out there... But wow, she's either atrocious with her money, or "it really be like that".

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