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    My font is too small? Help!

    To display that font at that size you also need to adjust the Line Height in YEP_CoreEngine or the Show Choice options window will appear like that. Without stretching the windows or cutting off text in windows these are the settings I used for that particular font.
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    Germania Tileset: Bush tag doesn't work with tall grass.

    Its just counting the 4 pixel offset used by characters the bush flag works on. The ! prefix turns off the four pixel offset but also translucent effect of the bush attribute. Has anyone found where it handles the transparency effect in the script editor cause I would really like to know, I can...
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    What are you working on?

    I didn't make the icons I got them from I was going to load up Adobe Illustrator  and make my own till I remembered I access to thousands of them with a click of a button in photoshop.
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    What are you working on?

    Working on Npc character sketches  and  menu stuff for a Sci-fi / Cyberpunk game with some Lovecraftian cosmic horror elements. 
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    What would you think about a game with no/very few levels?

    Actually this site has sample game(Knight Blade) on the main page that I personally found enjoyable and doesn't use levels. I think if you decide not to use a level system  it would be wise to remove the remnants of the system from game menus and other scenes or use levels as a variable for some...
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    Crediting format

    After you listed credits for: Game Design Artwork Sound Testers  Special Thanks etc I would include software acknowledgement credits in the same format found in the "about" section in under "Help" in the editor.
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    Can YOU Identify THIS Tileset :(

    A lot of them seem to be from Enterbrain (Knight Blade ,Vx ,Sci -Fi blog map, ) mack  and some computers from Dmottostore.
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    Full screen pictures with Yanflys Engine Ace

    You could if you where running RPG Maker ace in full screen but the screenshot the OP posted was in windowed mode.
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    Full screen pictures with Yanflys Engine Ace

    The problem is that the actual size of your map is cutting the pictures so it needs to be atleast 20 x 13 in map properties.
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    Noobie here, where to begin?

    Best advice I can give is start small and understand that most of things you need to learn will be through trial and error. There are multiple ways to accomplish the same goal and best way to do them will vary from person to person. The best way is experimenting with the editor and see what...
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    Favorite Old RPG

    When I think "Old" Rpgs I think 16bit era and earlier and since I had a Sega Genesis/CD... Phantasy Star: Series Shining Force: Series Lunar: Series Buck Rogers : Countdown to Doomsday Shadowrun
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    Ace is here :)

    and there was much rejoicing.
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    Your best excuses to ditch work/school tomorrow..

    I would blame it on leap year, say you were given the wrong date on a appointment you just can't miss.
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    Will you stop using VX altogether?

    The second I recieved the preorder confirmation email I then promptly erased it. Ace is like Rpg Maker Xp but different instead of just plain worse like VX. The large amount of small issues I had with VX generally forced me to use Xp anyhow but now I don't have to :)

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